Love Is In the Air With Handmade Paper

Love Is In the Air II

Creating individual cards for those people whom are extra special in my life is such a joy. Matching each card to the personality of the recipient can sometimes be a challenge. Using handmade paper and some pre-printed card bases makes it so easy and even more fun. Today’s cards are for two friends who are shy and quiet, the cards fit them so well…smile.

I apologize for the distorted photo...will have to get my camera checked


Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits and paper press
Blender, cello sponges and soft towels
A sunny window
Scraps of white & mauve paper (think junk mail, etc.) 
Scraps of white card stock to die cut (I used white food packaging)
        o MemoryBoxTM #99355 “Ellianna Heart”, #99925 “happy valenine’s day”, 
        #99339 “Devotion  Heart”, #99351 Fancy “Heart Duet”, CheeryLynnTM #B227 “Love”
Crafter’s CompanionTM Gemini Junior™ die cutting and embossing machine 
Beacon ZipDryTM adhesive, double sided foam tape
Pre-printed and folded A2 cards and envelopes


1. Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create 
        pale mauve slurry and make one or more sheets of medium weight paper..  
2. Allow the paper to dry.

        For the “valentine” (portrait oriented) card:

      1. When the paper is dry, die cut three of the "Elliana Heart", two from white scraps card stock
          and one from the pale mauve handmade paper. Die cut one of the word “valentine” (you will
          remove the “ and s from the die cut).
      2. Layer and glue the two cardstock hearts and the mauve handmade paper heart die cuts
          together. (I wanted the heart to be thicker to really stand out.) 
      3. Attach the layered heart to the lower center of the preprinted card with ZipDry adhesive.
      4. Attach the die cut word .”valentine” to the top center of the card.

      For the “Love” card (landscape” oriented) card.

      1. Die cut one each of the word “Love”, “Devotion Heart” and “Fancy Heart Duo”.
      2. Attach to the front of the pre-printed card with ZipDry adhesive. “Devotion Heart” 
          on the right, Fancy Heart Duo” on the left and “Love” in the upper center of the card.

Add a personal message to the inside of the cards and send them on their way.

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  1. Thanks is always easy to create pretty projects working with handmade papers and castings. I was blessed with taking some classes from Arnold years ago. He opened a whole new world for me.

  2. They're both beautiful, Michele!

  3. Thanks Nancy. So easy and have been a big hit with the recipients.


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