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Window With A View

This blog post is bittersweet because it completes my six month commitment as a member of the Arnold Grummer Design Team. Back in August of 2012 I started posting two projects a month for Arnold Grummer's Paper Making. The products have been fantastic, and the encouragement from the nice folks at Arnold Grummer's Paper Making, and my fellow design team members, has been a real blessing. I wish them all nothing but the best in everything they do. For all you papercrafter's, I'm sure My Creative Mommy will still be doing paper projects from time to time, amidst the other creative ideas I'll be posting every week : )

This week's project is a Trifold Window Card embellished with beads. I adapted this project from an idea I liked in the ultimate papercraft bible. The creative possibilities are endless for designing your own card.

Here's what you'll need to make yours:

Arnold Grummer's Trifold Window CardBeads, charms (small and light are best if using an en…

It was a AWESOME Ride!

Monica here and I want to say it has been so fun here at Arnold Grummer, but as the term ends a new one shall begin.  With all the changes I know there will be bigger and better things to come her at AG!  This will be my last post but I will always be an AG Fan and still share projects I create using AG products.  This is my best project yet.  I made Tear Bears out of the paper I made.  I grinded up some older paper and used some of the dye from Amazing Mold Putty to give it a stronger color.

It took a couple of tries to really get the thickness I need to brush the paper but finally a masterpiece.  Well  it has been fun, but the craft journey never truly comes to an end!!
Hugs Monica

I Could Write a Book

. . . and I have!
A whole book out of handmade paper.
Here is my illustrated version of the children's song "This Old Man."
I have always loved that song. That little "knick-knack-paddy-whack"  captures my imagination. What exactly does it sound like and what makes that sound?  In my version "knick-knack paddy whack" has a very definite sound.
And who is this old man anyway? I made him a not-so-old old muscian.

If you have seen my cards, you know I love to make pictures that tell stories. So even this little rhyme tells a story of the day a girl, her mom and their pup are visited by an old friend, who makes music all over the place, and then rolls home.

It was great fun to make this book and to make the paper for the illustrations --from the beige band-aide, to the yellow dandilions. I am already humming a tune and collecting paper for my next book.

Please enjoy this preview, and yes, it is for sale!

This Old Man by Illustrated by …

Valentine's Heart Garland

One of my favorite things to do is to make garlands to hang from my fireplace.  With Valentine's day coming next month it is time to make a new one.  I figured what better way to do it than with homemade paper. Item used for this project: Arnold Grummer's Medium Pour Mold Arnold Grummer's Heart Card Template Blue and Pink Angel Wings Arnold Grummer's Silver Dust 8 1/2 x 11 White Printer Paper Various Craft Paint Fine tip applicator bottles Twine I made the hearts using the heart card template.  I made 5 cards in total and cut them in half to make the individual hearts.  The one thing I love the most about the project is that I used the same exact products for each card that I made but they all came out different. After I cut the cards I punched two holes in the top of each one.  Then I started decorating them with craft paint using fine tip applicator bottles. I didn't want to over decorate the hearts because I wanted the paper to really stand out. Then I used twine to…

Valentine Heart Basket

Just in time for Valentine's Day! 
Make this beautiful handmade paper heart basket for someone you love : )

This was an easy project, here's what you'll need:
Arnold Grummer's PaperMill Complete Kit

Arnold Grummer's Folding Heart Card Template

Hole Punch
Ribbon, Twine, Vine

If you don't already know how, simply follow the easy directions for making paper at using the Folding Heart Card Template.

Once your card is dry, fold card and glue around the side leaving the top open. Punch a hole on each side for your ribbon, fill with pretty little flowers and hang!

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There are about 196 countries in the world, and my goal is to take the whole world on a creative journey one project at a time. So I want to offer many…

Olives Anyone?

Happy olives dancing in brine! Pulp painting makes it easy. Olives make it fun. Enjoy.

Please enjoy this olive-themed video.

Recycled Container Inspired by a Hat Box

Items used for this project:  A Plastic Container (that once held Christmas candy) Scrap Paper Arnold Grummer's Medium Pour Mold Scrapbook Paper Chipboard Embellishments Assorted Bling Acrylic Craft Paint Homemade Stamp Instructions: Wash your container both inside and outside.  Dry thoroughly.Make your paper pulp and pour into your Pour Mold just the same as you would if you were making a piece of handmade paper.Squeeze the water out of the pulp.Now instead of letting it lie flat to dry, start wrapping your container in the wet paper.  I separated my scraps so that I would get different colors and effects for the lid and the base of the container.As your wrapping your container press the paper down with your sponge.  This helps it get into all of the cracks and crevices and helps it to follow the contours of your container.When you are done set it aside to dry over night.Once your container is dry you can begin embellishing. I used Scrapbook paper to make some 3D flowers for the top…

~"Celebrate Confetti" with Arnold Grummer's Handmade Papers~

With the New Year now here I was thinking of a way to combine "Celebration" with using up items that are lying around! It is a 2 fold project as I really needed to use up some accumulated art papers as well! We all know how gorgeous handmade papers are that we  can create with Arnold Grummer's handmade papers and wouldnt want to throw away even the smallest of scraps! So I gathered together some scraps from the  handmade papers I have made and thought it would be fun to create some "celebration confetti"!  These scrap papers even had sparkles and glitter throughout so they would be perfect for enclosing into birthday cards,graduation cards,anniversary cards,whatever occasion it was, they would be fun and festive! And depending on what types of punches you had, the sky would be the limit to the shapes!

~Supplies~ Scraps of handmade papers Craft punches in assorted shapes

This confetti is quick and easy to make by punching the shapes out of the scrap papers and th…

Cards with Molded Focal Pieces

For truly unique handmade cards, nothing beats using one of Arnold Grummer's paper casting molds. These molds are so versatile—besides paper pulp, you can mold a variety of clays. For these cards I used Arnold Grummer's magnolia mold, the dragonfly mold, trifold window cards, and Delight™ by PaperClay.

I rolled out a small ball of the paper clay with a rolling pin to about 3/8" thickness and large enough to cover the mold. The molds were dusted with cornstarch so the paper clay would release easily. I pressed the clay into the mold to capture every detail. I gentle removed the casting from the mold, trimmed as desired, and left to dry overnight on a flat surface.
I tried a different coloring technique on each of these cards. On the magnolia casting I used chalks for the leaves and petals, and added deeper color accents on the petals with Prismacolor markers. The flower center was colored with a Tombow marker.

For the dragonfly I coated the body, head, and wing parts with…