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Personal Note Cards with Handmade Papers

Today I am working with several of my handmade papers to create a few personal note cards.  I made the papers a few weeks ago with the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit and shared on a tutorial...HERE>>> Angel Wings, Sparkle and Paper.  Before making handmade paper be sure to watch the Basic Paper Making video.  On each of the cards my handmade paper was used as the background panel.

JUST A NOTE Base panel handmade paper with Angel Wings and Sparkle! Attach handmade paper panel to card base. Adhere pink and purple flowers to card base.  Mount the butterfly stickers on thin chipboard, fussy cut.  Attach the butterflies with foam tape.  Stamp and mount sentiment on handmade paper, adhere to card. Glue dew drops for a little bling. THINKING OF YOU Handmade paper made with Angel Wings and colored paper pulp! Attach handmade paper panel to card base. Adhere pink and purple flowers to card base.  Mount the butterfly stickers on thin chipboard, fussy cut.  Attach the butter…

Just a Little Bit of Luck

Hearts shapes are so last month, with March just a few days away it time to think of "Shamrocks" and GREEN.
From the last post I wrote, I mentioned how I was playing around with paper pulp.  After making several sheets of handmade paper to be used in cards for embellishments, I decided to use paper pulp to form thicker shapes and thicker pieces of paper to be used for other projects.
The idea of making thick shapes and paper sheets was to show how hamdmade paper pieces like these can be used several other ways.
After forming a thick shamrock shape, with a cookie cutter as a deckle, it became a perfect base for a necklace.  It was colored using thinned acryrlic paints of various green hues.  It was applied by tapping the colors onto the surface using a brush or sponge applicator. NOTE: Do not use too much water in this process. Allow the piece to dry between applications as not to saturate the paper too much.  When the coloring is to your liking, allow the piece to dry very …

Colour of the Year - Radiant Orchid - friendship greeting card

Hi all Debbie Buckland here again.
Every year Pantone (the design industry leader in colour consistancy) announces their colour of the year. Last year you may have noticed the world went bit huts on Emerald Green… well that was the colour of 2013. Pantone influences graphic designers, fashion designers all the way down to paint, paper and paper making designers….

This years colour is Lilac (with fuchsia, purple, pink undertones) - 2014 here we come!
Pantone says that Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.

With that I made a greeting card using this colour in mind…

For this card i had a bit of Stampin ups rich razzleberry card stock scraps left over from a project….. bits that were not big enough for anything even flower making with bits of pink tones of other scrapbook card stock. So I recycled these into my own handmade card stock using the Arnold Grummer's Papermill complete paper making kit #301 which makes the perfect sized paper folded in …

Steeped in Tradition

I have to admit that I have never really created or done anything for St. Patrick's Day. As I created this card, I thought about the traditions of St. Patrick's Day and the Celtic cross.  After doing a little research I learned that the cross was thought to be introduced by Saint Patrick.  The article I read said it may have been 2 other symbols combined into this one design.  Isn't fun that you learn something new every day?

This card was made using one of the Papermill kits and the basic instructions to create 3 sheets of paper which became the card base and the circles for the card. When making the sheet for the card base I wanted to add a little gold color to it so I added some of the Gold Sprinkles to it.   I, also, used the Celtic Cross mold to make the focal point of the card...the cross.  I love using the molds from Arnold Grummer.  All you have to do is put some of the cotton linters in a blender and add some water and press it into the mold.  It's that quick…

Hand Made Paper Lantern

Hello! My name is Peggy and I would like to show you my lantern made from handmade paper. The tools used today were: Arnold Grummer's Paper Making KitSticks from my morning walkGlue Gun and Glue SticksLight Source

I started with making my paper, this kit has all, pulp and botanicals. I recycled my trash paper and made beautiful sheets with flowers. I followed the directions of Arnold Grummer Here.   I used hot glue and sticks to make a square like base and took more sticks to create a teepee shape.
I placed the hand made sheets behind the sticks in the corners and glued them against the sticks.
Not a very clear picture but here you can see the top. 
And here is my light source that I will be switching out for electric.  Thanks for joining me today! I had a great time creating and getting to share with all of you!
you can use this Coupon: STPAT20  for additional savings on the Arnold Grummer Website Here

Angel Wings, Sparkle and Paper!

Playing with the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit has been  addictive. Be sure to watch the Basic Paper Making video. I may have said it before, but I was intimidated by making handmade papers.  Now I can't stop! I am continually experimenting! I want to share a few of techniques I did while making the papers above.     Made colored paper pulp to add to my base paper. Added whole Angel Wings and rose petals to my paper.  Used glitter with the Angel Wings! Note: I did not show all the steps in the papermaking process in this post, just the additives I added to the paper I made. 
Using scraps of paper I made colored paper pulp.  I wanted to add a splash or pink, yellow and orange to the paper I would add Angel Wings of the same color. Here I have the base pulp in the Papermill Complete Kit, with a baster I added orange paper pulp.  There are a number of Botanicals available on the Arnold Grummer's web site.  Today I am using the Arnold Grummer's Multi Colored Angel…

Shades of Green

The winter weather here has been pretty brutal this year.  Though I normally love the snow and can deal with the cold without much of a problem, I have to say I am getting a bit tired of seeing "white" everywhere for this long.  When Spring arrives it will be truly welcomed.  Looking forward to the sight of tiny purple and yellow crocus' and the bursts of green everywhere.  Green, the color of new life.  Here are three cards that I created from a handmade sheet of paper and extra pulp. Shades of green to express "Thanks", Happy St. Patrick's Day and a Celtic note.

The first card above with the Celtic Heart design began with a small square of handmade paper.  I used a brass stencil with the design to transfer the image to the paper.  Hold the stencil in place tightly.  NOTE: It can also be taped down carefully using a low tack masking tape.  Using a small foam applicator, ink over the stencil with a dye based green ink.  I small amount of Peeled Paint Distr…

St Patricks Day practical gift….

Hi all Debbie Buckland here,

St Patricks day is an interesting time in New Zealand…. if you don't drink you don't really celebrate it.
Although it really has nothing to do with drinking!!!

St Patrick was a Godly man that did good for the Irish people.

I decided to make a Note Pad Book with the Starter Kit/coverboards set all available from Arnold Grummer online shop

First of all I made my paper using the paper mill kit using one sheet of green sticky note and the rest white paper.
Then i drew and cut around the template

Then I stuck the cardboard to the paper and folded it over:

After that I stuck some hand made paper inside and added a green Sticky note pad to the inside

Now is decorating time:
When I was making my paper I also made my paper casts

there are many irish looking themed ones on Arnold Grummers website

I only used recycled paper and nothing special. It worked well.  But I really had to be extra careful taking the wet pulp from the mild…. but it still works.

I deco…