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Pretty Cards with Handmade Papers

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with some pretty cards using handmade papers.

Using assorted handmade papers, I cut each paper to fit my cards, then embossed each with a different embossing folder.  Next, I inked each panel with assorted colors of VersaMagic inks.

My blue card uses an embossing folder from Craft-Too.  The flowers were inked and the panel was matted with kraft cardstock.  Twine was wrapped around the panel and several braids were placed within the flowers.  The panel was then added to the card with foam adhesives.  A sentiment was stamped on a left over scrap,  matted on cardstock and added to center of the card.

My green card was embossed with a Cuttlebug script embossing folder and inked with green ink.  The panel was matted with kraft cardstock then added to a card.  The sunflower was stamped on the same handmade paper and colored with Memento Markers.  Once colored, it was fussy cut and matted with cardstock and fussy cut again.  It was then added to the card with…

"Stars of Artemis Orb" ~ a comforting beacon during dark times

"Stars of Artemis Orb"
~ a comforting beacon during dark times
Make your own "Stars of Artemis Orb" using my tutorial below!
One of my favourite courses during my first year of university (... many years ago) was "Classics" and my most adored Greek deity is the Goddess "Artemis".
Artemis was strong and independent and was a fierce and accurate huntress.  According to Greek legend, she had been tricked by Apollo, who'd challenged her into shooting her arrow over the sea to strike a distant object in the waters.  She did so, not knowing that the object had in fact been the love of her life, Orion.
Heartbroken that she had caused his passing, she used her powers to turn him into stars and with her arrow shot him into the night sky where he appears to us today as the constellation "Orion".

Artemis is known as the Goddess of Light and she illuminates the way, inspiring us through "the dark times", giving us courage to push through t…


I'm already thinking about Halloween. This mask will be part of my finished costume.

Arnold Grummer Abaca Pulp sheet
Acrylic Paint - Black
Glitter and glitter glue
Grommet and ribbon to make it wearable

1. Soak a sheet of Abaca Pulp in a tray of water for 30 minutes to 1 hour to soften.
2. Press the sheet over a mannequin face to form it's shape. Let dry for as long as it takes (1-3 days)
3. Draw your mask pattern onto the dried Abaca Pulp form and cut out. Be gentle in delicate areas.       

You can reinforce any areas damaged during cutting with plain white glue, and let it dry.
I started with the eye holes to make sure they were in the right place, then I added some paisley          shapes over the eyes and fiery bursts at the temples and cheeks. My finished pattern is provided          below.

4. Paint the mask with black acrylic paint. After I painted, I put the mask back onto the mannequin face so it would keep it's shape while it dried.
5. Embe…