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Origami Butterfly

I made a card for my niece’s Bridal Shower with an Origami Butterfly. Start with Arnold Grummer's Paper Making.

Use a square piece of paper. I used handmade paper 5 inches square to fit my 5 x 4 inch card. Only a few steps involved:

1. Fold diagonally both ways using a bone folder. 2. Scrunch the middle together: poke in the center, like this:

3. Fold flaps down to center point - on one side only. 4. Turn over & fold up past the edge - as on the right below. 5. Fold top flaps down & create corner folds - at bottom.

6. Turn over and fold in half - looks like this:

7. Use an awl or needle tool to punch holes for adding a tiny brad to the nose to puff it out. 
For the card: Put through Sizzix for embossing the flowers; added the butterfly  (without the brad) and flattened