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From Fabric to Paper Card Holder

From Fabric to Paper Cardholder

For my last project for Arnold Grummer's Design Team, I will show you how I use fabric and thread scraps from textile projects and make them into handmade paper. This project will detail how to make a card holder out of handmade paper.

If you have been following me very long you may remember the Boho Meets Boro Bag I made for Gwen Lafleur's Artist Tribe.
If you are going to carry a bag like that about in public, people are going to talk to you. If you are lucky they will ask for your contact information. So having a business card on hand is a good idea. Having your business cards in a case that matches your bag - well that just adds to your mystique! 
If you sew you probably know about all the cut thread ends, the tiny pieces of fabric trimmed from the seam or left over after cutting out your project. If you have ever wondered if there is something you can do with these leftovers? This is the post for …

Another View....Happy Anniversary

I enjoyed the creating the Memories journal project for the newly weds so much that I decided one of the "Love Birds" extra paper casting matted would make a wonderful anniversary gift for my folks who will soon be celebrating 60 years together.

Supplies: Any of the Arnold Grummer®paper making kitsCotton Press™ paper casting mold “Love Birds”Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towelsA sunny windowScraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)Scraps of white card stock to die cut9 x 9 " Mauve matt board with round opening, 9 x 9" white backing matt boardDIE: Elizabeth Crafts/Quiet Fire Designs™  1160 "Happy Anniversary"Tonic Studios™Tangerine die cutting and embossing machineBeacon ZipDryTMadhesive     Double sided foam tapeChalks: medium Mauve, Celadon greenSmall sponge applicators to apply chalksMarvy Uchida# YG 635 La Plume Permanent fine tipped marker      12-16" of  1/4" Picot edge Mauve ribbon
1 .Follow the instructions foun…


                                                        ©Michele Emerson-Roberts 2018

Our memories are so precious. Having a special place to jot down special dates, day to day things that were important, or silly things that happened to us can be extra special when we or our loved ones read about our lives. This little book is a gift for my dear friend’s grand daughter and her new husband to have a place to start saving those memories.


Anyof the Arnold Grummer® paper making kitsCotton Press™ paper casting mold “Love Birds”Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towelsA sunny windowScraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)Scraps of white card stock to die cutMaroon 5 x 7 hard bound journal DIE: Elizabeth Crafts/Quiet Fire Designs™ #1197 MemoriesTonic Studios™Tangerine die cutting and embossing machineBeacon ZipDryTMadhesive, double sided foam tapeChalks: light pink, light greenSmall sponge applicators to apply chalksMarvy Uchedia # YG 635 La Plume Permanent fin…

Zig Zag Mini Albums by Steph

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with some mini albums using products from Arnold Grummer.

Arnold Grummer has bookmaking supplies and I've used the Zig Zag Books to create several mini albums that can document life's little moments.  While I've gone with a summer theme, just change up the papers you make to create books for Christmas, birthdays, or even graduations.

I selected papers I had already created using the Arnold Grummer Papermaking kit, opting to create both a pink and a blue book. Using the chipboard covers, I cut my handmade paper 6" x 8", then scored around the cover, so the papers would fold over easily.

 After cutting the corners, I adhered the papers to the covers.

I added another sheet of paper to the interior. I repeated the process with the 2nd piece of chipboard. Next, I adhered the zig zag pages to the chipboard covers.

I inked around the covers with blue ink. Anchors Away was die cut and adhered to the cover on a slight angle.

Using handmad…

Happy Birthday, Son! (paper casting/card)

My eldest son's birthday was recent and I needed "something" special to accompany his gift. My children always enjoy handmade, (Yes! I raised them right! :o) They both are creative as well, and know the effort and love that goes into anything handmade.  This hand made card has paper casting with Arnold Grummer molds and hand made papers. 
Supply List: Arnold Grummer Hand Made Paper Kit Arnold Grummer Cotton Linter Sheet Arnold Grummer pre-shredded Cotton Linter  Arnold Grummer Paper Additive Arnold Grummer Tissue Tint Arnold Grummer Silver Dust 8 1/2" x 11" plain white card stock or card blank (fold in half) Acrylic Paint - Meadow  Mics: twigs and twine, PC/font, adhesive Instructions:  1. Create a sturdy pulp. I started with shredded white scrap/trash and added the darkest blue AG Tissue Tint. It gave a great color, but wasn't dark enough for this project. I added 1 sheet of 12x12 dark blue/purple cardstock, which made a very large batch. I'd already added a …

How to create watermarks in your handmade paper

Today I am excited to share with you just how simple it is to create a watermark  in your handmade paper.  I have to admit, I haven't made paper in a while and I needed a fun project to jumpstart me back in action. Nothing inspires me more than watching the man himself, Arnold Grummer demonstrate how it's done by watching his videos. You can also get his book Trash to Treasure with great photos and clear instructions! He has a way of making everything look so easy so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 
WOW! I am hooked on this decorative technique!  Begin by assembling your materials for basic papermaking: torn paper water plus a blender plastic tub  papermaking screen, screen support grid, cover screen Pour or Dip handmold -  (I'll be using the large pour Handmold) 2-Up or Deckle Divider Large Template plastic letters A2 Envelope Large Template
(Watch this video for how to make a basic sheet of paper)
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