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"Oh My Sole!" cotton linter fish casting

"Oh My Sole!" cotton linter fish casting

Make your own "Oh My Sole!" cotton linter fish casting using my tutorial below!

Is there anything more fun than whimsical dishes?
Whenever I see a unique dinner plate or serving dish it calls to me to bring it home and add it (and in some cases, them) to my dining hutch collection.
It's especially fun for me to serve meals using these dishes, when my guests least expect it.  It makes for stimulating and fun conversation and a lighthearted atmosphere to the evening.
Life is short and far too precious to eat on boring dinnerware.  In this house we eat our meals together, and we have fun doing so.  We drink our Sunday morning orange juice from champagne flutes, our ice water from wine goblets, our wine from beautiful China teacups and every so often our meals on whimsy plates.  Why, you ask?  Well, for FUN of course!

To the creative person, such as myself (and obviously you as well or you wouldn't be reading this tutorial) the…