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Christmastime in the City

Posted by Mel Kolstad

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in red, white and blue....

OH! Sorry, I forgot - it's Christmas in July!  Well then, let's have those sidewalks dressed in bright red and green, shall we?

That's better!  :)
Here's a project that's fun and easy - and can be tailored to ANY time of the year!  Here's what you'll need:
Handmade papers (I used some of my red and green handmade papers from my stash):

"Cityscape" stamp set - this is from my very own line of stamps, available at!

A variety of glitters and stamp colors - I like the Stickles line of glitter glues and the Color Box "Cat Eye" stamp inks:

Tiny Christmas lights from Jolee's for You (mine are old - now they make stickers, which are probably much easier to work with)!

Okay!  Let's get started!  I made a half-sheet specifically for this project with my Arnold Grummer Medium Pour Handmold, using some black shredded paper:

As you can see,…

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Fan Decks By Judi Kauffman
Get a head start on holiday gifts by making a batch of duded-up fan decks. They're easy, fast, and affordable. Make one to tuck in your purse, just right for to-do lists!

Our Fan Deck books:  to purchase Click HERE 
For all projects: 1. Remove the covers and set aside screw post and inside pages. Use a strong hold double-sided adhesive to adhere materials to the covers. (I chose transparent double-sided adhesive sheet from Elizabeth Craft Designs) 2. Wrap the outside and line the inside of chipboard covers with two coordinating decorative papers (Snowflake Fan Deck). OR Color the edges of the cover pieces with paint or a metallic pen, and decorate only the outer surface of them, leaving the natural color of the chipboard visible on the inside of the covers (Bohemian Flower Fan Deck, Flower and Berry Fan Deck). 3.
Alter the screw head and flat back of the screw post with paint or ink formulated for metal, or add a decorative sticker to t…

Christmas in July! Let the Decorating Begin!

Take advantage of Arnold Grummer's 20% off during the month of July!!Use code: JulyPromo.  Hi everyone! I'm Peg and I am so excited to be a part of the new design team for Arnold Grummer's Papermaking.   As you get to know me over the next several months you will quickly find out that there are 2 times of the year I absolutely love...Halloween and Christmas so I was so thrilled when the design team was asked to think about Christmas in July.  I know it's early for some of you, but for me it's never took early to start creating and decorating for the holidays. Today I'd like to share with you this cute little door or window hanger using handmade papers to make these fun 3-d trees.  I used the Papermill PRO Envelope & Stationary kit and followed the directions on how to make the paper.  For the mold, I used a scalloped round plastic cookie cutter I found at one of my local stores and a brass tree cookie cutter that I had for a while and poured the paper pulp…

Double Duty Christmas Ornament

Take advantage of Arnold Grummer's 20% off during the month of July!!
Use code: JulyPromo.

By: Carole Lassak
Yes, you read that right, It did say Christmas. Yes, I know it's July. But, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I think about it year round. Today I'll show you an  accordion booklet that doubles as an ornament and a gift.

I started with an Arnold Grummer's Mini Zig Zag Book and a sheet of handmade paper that I created using an Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit. I followed these standard directions when making my paper.

Here are the steps you can follow to create your own zig zag book:
Ink the edges of the chipboard book covers.Coat one side of each of the book covers with an aggressive adhesive. I ran my covers through my Xyron.Decide side of your handmade paper will be the right side.With the right side of your handmade paper face down, place the adhesive side of the covers on the handmade paper. Firmly brayer to ensure a good bond. Using a craft knife, cut …