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Post It Note Holders by Steph

Hi everyone, Steph here with Post It Noteholders/Sticky Note Books using handmade papers created with Arnold Grummer's Papermill Kit and Arnold Grummer's Sticky Note Books Starter Kit.

This pads are perfect to put in your purse so you always have a pad for notes.  They also make great gifts for teachers, coworkers and friends.

Create an assortment of handmade papers using the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Kit.

Cut the paper using the template included with the Arnold Grummer's Sticky Note Books Starter Kit.

Place the cardboard elements in place and fold the flaps over.  Use the secondary template and cut a smaller layer to fit on top to cover the cardboard elements.

I selected 3 different handmade papers and inked the edges of each.  Place a post it note pad inside each book.

I decided to embellish each book differently.  This book was stamped with butterflies.

Paper-Piecing Framed Art

Hello Crafters! This project was the most fun I've had in a long time!  Paper Piecing is a fantastic way to use up scraps of gorgeous paper, as well as create different textures, patterns and colors for your project. There's a lot going on here, but it was quite easy.  The finished size is 7x7". 
SUPPLIES: Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit
Cotton Rag Fiber - Arnold Grummer Paper Quilt Project Square - Arnold Grummer
All-Purpose Ink (blue, green)-Tsukineko, Inc.
recycled shredded paper
Paper Punches -  (2) leaves
A variety of background, texture, and design stamps. (Cherry Blossoms-Hero Arts, Butterfly, Iron Fence-Hearts In Touch, Font Collage-The Art Bar, Bird Collage-Stampin Up!, Crackle, Canvas and Leaf-The Angel Company) A Variety of different colored, but coordinating stamping ink pads (Bottle, Stonewashed, Denim and Caramel-Adirondack by Ranger Ink, Ultramarine and Cerulean Blue-VersaCraft, Burnt Umber-Pallette by The Angel Company) Metallic Braid Thread, browns, green and blue…

Origami Coin Purses with Stenciling

Origami coin purses are fun to make and with stenciling, they really shine. You can carry coins or use them as a package for small gifts.

When I was a child a friend of the family brought back matching purses like these for my sister and I. We loved opening and closing them, saving our pennies for candy and displaying them as cherished items.
For the papermaker, they are a quick and easy way to showcase your beautiful paper. With or without the stenciling, your handmade paper will be a real hit.
Supply List: handmade paper ( see video How to Make Paper: Basic Steps in Papermaking )
Medium Pour Handmold  is perfect for a small coin purse or container for small bits and pieces
Large Pour Handmold  is the best size for making holders for gift cards
stencils used Ornamental Petals Screen Stencil by Gwen Lafleur  Decorative Medallion Stencilby Gwen Lafleur  Decorative Folk Flower Stencil by Gwen Lafleur 
Acrylic Paint I used Tim Holtz Distress Paint dabbers in Mustard Seed, Broken China, and Seedless …

"PAPER CACTUS" ~ for the "brown thumbs" among us

"PAPER CACTUS" for the "brown thumbs" among us Make your own "PAPER CACTUS" using my tutorial below!
If any of you are like me, your green thumb never really bloomed and instead dried up and blew away ... and took several plants over the years along with it. I've never really been able to keep a plant going regardless of the steps I've taken.
I'd either give my little leafy friends too much sun or not enough; drown them with overwatering or turn them into tumbleweeds with a lack of it.
I like plants, don't get me wrong.  I'm just not one to know (or bother knowing for that matter) how to best take care of which type of plant and where to best place them in my home for their maximum health and flourishing.
I have a friend whose home looks like a tropical paradise she's THAT gifted with plants and flowers.
In all honesty, I've even managed to kill aloe veras and cacti, and they require the LEAST care of all the plants ... well, to MY lim…