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Remember Mom

With Mother's Day just a couple weeks away, this special day became the inspiration for my latest project, using handmade paper and some casted elements to create a keepsake for a mother or grandmother or any special lady.

A variety of previously formed sheets of handmade paper were used to construct a mini album.  Three dimensional flowers are die-cut and colored from plain sheets of handmade paper and leaves are caste in a mold used for clay.

The base of the album was die-cut from tan chipboard. NOTE: I used Sizzix Scoreboard XL - Album Photo die, (#657122). The front cover uses a sheet of paper made from a mix of a brown paper lunch bag and white copy paper.  This mixture of paper creates a nice mottled look to the paper.  NOTE: This sheet is also die-cut to match the chipboard cover.  Glue this sheet to the chipboard cover.  Paint the back cover and binding piece with Vintage Photo Distress Paint.  Use Distress Inks to shade the edges of all pieces.  Use a strong double faced …

Lavender Scented Card - Tutorial

Hello all Debbie here
Today I am going to show you how to make a scented flower card…. my way… ;)

This Card uses totally homemade paper.

You will need:
- Bubbled paper - greyish tones - I used some gloss paper here in the paper making process… let the bubbles settle/pop before undoing the deckle this way the paper ends up with bubble/mottled look on the paper.
- Green gold flecked paper
- Pink paper
- Close to white paper - Mine was treated with 1/4 tsp of Gum - Arabic in the blending process

adheasive, lavender oil, sentiment stamp, scissors, heather flowersoft, stamp pads in light blue, mid blue, purple tones…. green, wire (green) or flowersoft wire (this is covered with paper so its easy to colour), atomiser

1. put several drops of the lavender oil in the atomiser and top with water.

2. spritz the Pink paper with the lavender atomiser and then lightly rub the ink pads all but the green on to it….

3. Cut 3, thick pencil type shapes out of the coloured paper about 1 1/4" wide an…

Nature’s Butterfly Card

©Michele Emerson-Roberts  2014

When I need a quick (I am talking 5 minutes) but special card, I grab one of the numerous paper castings that I created ahead of time with using the many AG casting molds. I collect junk mail and scraps of white paper to use in paper making and casting. The colors are grouped together and stored in clear plastic bins. I like to make sheets of paper and/or castings several times a month and will have numerous colors or castings to choose from. 

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsScraps of off-white paper (think junk mail, etc.)Mold: Butterfly from CP Nature MiniaturesMicrowave, heat gun or a sunny windowBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, paper cutter, scissors, bone folder, craft knife and cutting surfaceLemon scented liquid potpourriScrap of off-white card stock Golden Yellow card stock 5 ½ x 8 ½” (folded) and envelopeDies:  CheeryLynn tiny leaf flourishSpellbinders Grand Calibur™ …

With Spring Come Mothers Day!

My mother loved hummingbirds! We would give them to her on special occasions. If I found a card with on for Mother's Day, that was the perfect card. Today I have a card made completely with handmade papers using the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit. If this is your first time hearing about hand made paper with Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit, be sure to watch the Basic Paper Making video making paper couldn't be any easier. 

This past weekend was a paper making weekend!  I usually start with paper from out paper shredder. 

I made papers with Arnold Grmmer's Gold DustArnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes and specialty pulp.
The purple, pink and green papers were made with scrapes or of color cardstock.

The flowers were made pressed in a silicone mold the Hummingbird and heart were made with cookie cutters in the Arnold Grummer's Papermill.

Here is my finsihed card. The base is a full pink sheet of paper folded in half.  Layered with a portion…

Mother's Day Wishes

What mom wouldn't love receiving this special card made from hand made paper?  Add hand made roses to add a touch of elegance to this card.  Make it in mom's favorite color to add another special touch to her day.   Any mom will be thrilled receiving this Mother's Day card made just for her.   Begin by creating 4 sheets of paper using one of the PaperMill Kits.  The card base was made using a mix on light purple and pink pulp and then once that was poured into the deckle some dark purple pulp was poured in to create darker spots to add some dimension to the paper.  The pulps were made according to the basic instructions and used some tissue tints for coloring.  Another sheet of paper was made by mixing the 2 pulps and would be used for the flowers. The second sheet of paper was created using the basic instructions and had 1/2 cup of water substituted with 1/2 cup of tea to give the paper a tanned look.  Gold Dust was added to give it more color and a little bling. The g…

Flower Art Frame

Hello! Peggy here to show you how I made this flower art frame with some fantastic products from the Arnold Grummer's Website.
List of supplies I used today are:  Blank frame White GessoEgg WhitesPaint BrushSpecialty Paper #9050MicroFleur Flower PressFlowers and Leaves

First thing I did was find some pretty flower specimens to press. This process is so addicting...I can't wait until all the flowers bloom!  I placed them in my press and microwaved them for 45 seconds on high. Leaves and thin flowers dried faster than stems and thicker flowers. But the whole process took no more than a few minutes to dry All of the flowers and leaves.
Here they are pressed and dried.

This is my blank frame I used two coats of white gesso.
Here is where the egg whites come in.. Yep.. you heard right Egg Whites are used here to preserve the color of the flowers and to glue them down. Mother natures glue! I read this on the internet and I Had to try it!.
Apparently they will keep their color for ye…

Peaches and Cream Leaf Box

©Michele Emerson-Roberts2014
I love the presentation of a gift as much as I love giving the gift! I had purchased a beautiful leaf broach for a dear friend who collects leaf jewelry and wanted to give her a great box to house the gift. Follow along to create a gift box of your own, changing the embellishment to reflect the gift inside.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, scissors, bone folder, rulerBeacon ZipDry™ AdhesiveScraps of peach and white paper (think colored junk mail, etc.) Leaf punch (or whatever shape you desire)12” of 1/4'” peach sheer ribbonPeach liquid potpourri or body splash
Follow the direction for paper making found in any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits or books to create one sheet each of light and medium colored peach paper. Add a few drops of scent to the slurry before pouring each sheet.When the paper is dry create a simple fold over pouch …

Blessings on Mother’s Day Card

©Michele Emerson-Roberts 2014

I am so lucky to still have my mom around. She has been ill for several years but continues to rally each time we think she will be leaving us. She has always loved roses and use to grow many different varieties. This card is created in her honor with the wish and prayer that she will still be with us when Mother’s Day arrives.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsScraps of white and pale green paper (think junk mail, etc.)Molds: CP Nature MiniaturesMicrowave, heat gun or a sunny windowBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, paper cutter, scissors, bone folderRose scented liquid potpourriWhite card stock 5 ½ x 8 ½”, and a scrap big enough for verbiageLight pink text weight paper (for layers)Stamp: Blessings (or your choice)ColorBox™ Med. Pink Chalk ink padDies: Stamp Doctor Center Step Card, Spellbinders Fancy Tags, CheeryLynn tiny leaf sprigsRose embossing folderSpellbinders Grand Calibur™ MachineEmbr…

Creating Shapes with Paper Pulp

Spring finally seems to showing itself here in our area.  Along with signs of the season popping and blossoming here and there, the robin's and other feathered friends are singing and building their nests for more new life.
Many will be celebrating Easter next Sunday.  My little family will be gathering here to celebrate both the holiday and the five Spring birthday's we have within one month.
While working on making seed papers for my last post I also had the idea to make paper pulp and work with casting shapes with other forms that I have within my supplies.  I found an egg shaped mold that was used to make chocolate or sugar shaped eggs.  I had to try to use this mold to form a large egg shape using paper pulp.

I wanted to experiment with the pulp and find a way to make the shape stiffer.  I feel my experiment was succesful.  After making several batches of pulp I strained as much of the water out as possible.I placed the entire  amount into a bowl and added approximately …