Handmade Paper Bowls

There are so many things that you can do with handmade paper!! Today I'm making containers—small bowls that can be used for home decor display, a personal treat dish, or as part of a desk set to hold paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

I used two similar, yet different methods for these bowls. For the rose petal inclusion bowl and the blue oval bowl, I started with a piece of handmade paper that I'd made some time ago following these basic instructions. Both of these papers were on the heavy side. I wet them on both sides by passing them under a gentle stream of warm tap water, first one side then the other. I worked quickly because I wanted the paper thoroughly moistened, but not disintegrating into pulp. The thinner your paper the gentler the stream of water needs to be so as not to tear a hole in the paper. Next, I formed the wet paper over the bowl/mold. There were places I needed to pleat and overlap the paper to make it fit snugly.

The square, pink bowl was made using the basic papermaking instructions up to the point of sandwiching the paper between couch sheets. Instead of doing this, I laid the paper over my original bowl and molded it. There was still plenty of moisture in the pulp, so I was able press it in the original piece with a minimum of overlap.

Here are the three bowls, freshly molded and drying.

Bowl with Rose Petal Inclusions

Oval Bowl with Fiber Inclusions

Square Bowl Colored with Tissue Tints

When the bowls were dry, I trimmed the edges of the rose petal and oval bowls. The square, pink bowl didn't require any further finishing. I used deckle-edge scissors to trim the rim of the rose petal inclusion bowl. For the blue oval bowl I used a wet artist's brush to draw a line of water where I wanted the edge of the bowl. Then, I gently pulled the pieces apart along this water line.

Here is my trio of handmade paper bowls. 

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