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Mini Inspiration Journal

This is my last project as a member of the Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Design Team. I would like to begin my post by thanking the wonderful people at Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and Terri Sproul for this most awesome opportunity to be a part of the Design Team and work with their products. For this project I made a Mini Inspiration Journal using one of Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Fan Decks. This is one of the coolest ways to make a small book because everything you need to make the book comes in the package. All you need is your own creativity.   Above is a picture of what comes in the package. 2 cover, a screw post (to hold it all together) and 52 ATC sized cards (2.5" x 3.5"). This will come assembled, I took it apart so you could have a better view of all the pieces. This is how I made my Mini Inspiration Journal.   The first thing I did was to Gesso the covers. I did this to prepare the covers for the next layer. Next I added a layer …

~Bloom Where You Are Planted~ Arnold Grummer's June's Design Team Project

~Bloom Where You Are Planted~
This very fun project using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit is something creative,unique and  so easy that  even kids would love to participate in its creation! The whole idea came about because I wanted to be able to have a project that could serve a dual purpose~ creativity and beauty in the garden. This project is created using collage paper but most importantly the centers of the flowers are made by using Arnold Grummer's handmade paper making kit to create  the handmade papers. The circles of handmade papers are where the flower seeds will be glued down. When planting times comes,the circles can be removed and planted right in the ground for lovely flowers to enjoy during the summer!
~Supplies~Handmade papers using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit Collage Papers for flowers ad background Mod Podge- Matte Mod Podge-Gloss Packets of flower  Stickers with garden quotes Highlighters Pitt Pen Decorative edge scissors

Cut down the side edge of the bac…

Handmade Paper Bead Jewelry

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I love creating jewelry using unique components. And handmade paper is definitely not a common jewelry component. I made the paper with help from my grand-daughter using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit. I followed these basic instructions for making the sheets of paper.

One of the hallmarks of handmade paper is the beautiful deckled edge, but for this project I needed straight, squared edges, so I used a paper trimmer to cut two strips, each 1½" x 5".

Next, I marked the center of each strip at ¾". 
I marked a line from each of the top corners of the strip to the center mark. Using a metal straight edge and a craft knife, I cut on this line to end up with a perfect isosceles triangle and two right angle triangles. 
Working on a Teflon craft mat, I misted both sides of each strip as I was working on it. This increased the paper's flexibility and allowed it to roll easily.