Mini Inspiration Journal

inspiration journal   This is my last project as a member of the Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Design Team. I would like to begin my post by thanking the wonderful people at Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and Terri Sproul for this most awesome opportunity to be a part of the Design Team and work with their products. For this project I made a Mini Inspiration Journal using one of Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Fan Decks. This is one of the coolest ways to make a small book because everything you need to make the book comes in the package. All you need is your own creativity. fan deck   Above is a picture of what comes in the package. 2 cover, a screw post (to hold it all together) and 52 ATC sized cards (2.5" x 3.5"). This will come assembled, I took it apart so you could have a better view of all the pieces. This is how I made my Mini Inspiration Journal. layer of gesso   The first thing I did was to Gesso the covers. I did this to prepare the covers for the next layer. tissue paperNext I added a layer of tissue paper for texture and color. stamp and stencil   I added some additional color to both sides of the covers using craft paint, a homemade stamp and some Punchinella. quote Finally as the finishing touch for the covers I found the definition for inspiration in an old dictionary and adhered it to the front cover. Now that my covers are done here is a sneak peek at what will go in this Mini Inspiration Journal. DSCN2023   I love finding inspirational quotes. I use them in my journals and art work quite often. So I figured what better way to fill my Mini Inspiration Journal. These are the first two of the many that will in end in this little book. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Please check out Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and the Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Design Team Blog. If you would like to see more of what I am up to you can find me at the Corner of the Bedroom Studios Blog and Facebook, on YouTube and my group Art Journal with Annie on Facebook.  


  1. Annie, this makes a darling little book. I collect quotes and hear-say, too, and find myself reaching for the little fan deck in my purse often. We can't express how much we've appreciated your contributions to the Design Team. Keep on creating, whatever you take on next!


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