Handmade Paper Bead Jewelry

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I love creating jewelry using unique components. And handmade paper is definitely not a common jewelry component. I made the paper with help from my grand-daughter using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit. I followed these basic instructions for making the sheets of paper.

One of the hallmarks of handmade paper is the beautiful deckled edge, but for this project I needed straight, squared edges, so I used a paper trimmer to cut two strips, each 1½" x 5".

Next, I marked the center of each strip at ¾". 

I marked a line from each of the top corners of the strip to the center mark. Using a metal straight edge and a craft knife, I cut on this line to end up with a perfect isosceles triangle and two right angle triangles. 

Working on a Teflon craft mat, I misted both sides of each strip as I was working on it. This increased the paper's flexibility and allowed it to roll easily. 

 Starting at the wide end of the strip, I rolled the paper toward the point. I used a hat pin as a support for rolling the bead.

When I neared the point, I added a thin line of liquid adhesive, and continued rolling to the end.

I let these damp beads dry overnight before coating them with Amazing Clear Cast resin. While the resin helps to strengthen the beads and seal their surface, resin and moisture do not mix. I followed these basic instructions for working with resins.

I wear latex gloves when working with resins and am careful to protect my work surface. Each bead was supported on a pin while I applied the resin with a wooden stir stick. The pins and beads were stuck into a Styrofoam block to dry, again overnight.

Now for the finishing touches—crystals, beads, and chain. Ta, da!!

You can see more of my projects on my Create & Craft blog.

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