~Bloom Where You Are Planted~ Arnold Grummer's June's Design Team Project

~Bloom Where You Are Planted~

This very fun project using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit is something creative,unique and  so easy that  even kids would love to participate in its creation! The whole idea came about because I wanted to be able to have a project that could serve a dual purpose~ creativity and beauty in the garden. This project is created using collage paper but most importantly the centers of the flowers are made by using Arnold Grummer's handmade paper making kit to create  the handmade papers. The circles of handmade papers are where the flower seeds will be glued down. When planting times comes,the circles can be removed and planted right in the ground for lovely flowers to enjoy during the summer!


Handmade papers using Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Kit
Collage Papers for flowers ad background
Mod Podge- Matte
Mod Podge-Gloss
Packets of flower
 Stickers with garden quotes
Pitt Pen
Decorative edge scissors

Cut down the side edge of the background collage paper with the decorative scissors

Using a template cut out , flower petals,leaves and circles for the center of the flowers

Mod Podge the main background onto the page with matte mod podge and place the petals & leaves on the page to create your design and paste down.

Add the  quote stickers on the page.
Cover project with gloss Mod podge except for the seeded flower circles

Glue handmade paper circles lightly with Matte Mod Podge( be careful to only glue down enough to secure  both underneath and over the seeds ,as the watering in the garden will be breaking down the glue so you don't want more than is necessary) Add seeds  onto the glued circles and gently press down to secure.
Then using highlighters outline the collage papers and with a pit pen,outline the words.

When ready to plant the seeds, just pull off the circles and plant in the garden!! What can be better than a multi -use project!! Enjoy:)

~In Faith and Love~

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  1. Love this project! Even this "kid" might be able to make it! lol The seeds are fab idea, and the outling!

  2. Great project ! Very Sherri... bright and uplifting ! :)


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