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Paper....Paper....and More paper

Paper....Paper....and More Paper  I recently had a whole day free and chose to spend that day creating some handmade papers. Thanks to the wonderful AG Paper Press I was able to stack, press and dry all of the sheets in a small space. I have not decided what creations will be made with the batch of papers but just having them on hand inspires me!

•Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits  •AG Paper Press •Blender,  cello sponges and soft towels •A sunny window •Scraps of white and colored paper (think junk mail, etc.)  •INCLUSIONS: Dried herbs, spices, plants, flowers, coffee grounds, tea leaves, AG Iridescent          Flakes
1.Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create          white slurry. 2.Add tiny amounts of any inclusion and blend for a couple of seconds. 3.Create a sheet of paper. 4.Place the sheet between two couch sheets and then into the AG Paper Press. (Note: repeat for          each sheet of paper.)

Thankful Memories

It's the memories we are most thankful for... I've enjoyed scrapbooking for many years. This is a 12x12 scrapbook page of a previous Thanksgiving Dinner. (apologies for the very large candle on the table, made for a bad photo :o)
Paper piecing is so fun and it uses up lots of scraps.  Although, when I make a batch of pulp for a specific project, I always have extra to play around with. Many batches offer extra full sheets in addition to casting a few shapes in molds. Make sure you have all the supplies for paper casting to add to pulp to help achieve the best success. Some of my scraps below include additives, botanicals and metalic elements. 
Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit "Design it Yourself" Spiral Book 11x14 Markers, mold for leaf shapes (Makins Clay) acrylic paint, dye ink pads, 13" ribbon, adhesive, cutting tools, tiny twigs, PC and font. 
DIRECTIONS: 1. (This is your 12x12" background) Cut one page from th…

How to create fluid borders

I love to make stationery and I have been trying out some different designs lately, like making fluid borders the Arnold Grummer way! His paper making kits are the bomb and they will get you making your own paper quickly and easily.
The first thing we all do is when we are making handmade paper is to decide what color paper we are going to recycle. There is the choosing of scraps we collected to tear into tiny stamp size pieces and then when we are making a border, we need two colors! The joy of designing your own paper is all about style! AND if you add some Gold Dust then you are adding pizazz to your paper!
For this project, I made 2 different sets of stationary with matching envelopes but it's the same steps for both colors. First thing I did was to use my pour mold to create the base of the paper and then while the paper is still sitting in your vat of water you will want to squirt in your colored pulp along the side of the deckle. This ensures a fluid look to the border.



© Michele Emerson-Robert 2018

I love sayings and quotes. I collect them by the thousands! When I saw these two stamps from Visible Image I knew that some of the handmade paper created several months ago would be perfect as the background for them. I have two friends who have been going through some rough times and these cards will be a reminder that they are in my thoughts and prayers.


Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits
•Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
•A sunny window
•Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)
•Visible Image stamps: “Scars” & “Invisible Cape”
•Tonic Studios™ paper trimmer and tangerine die cut machine
•Small feather die
•Black cardstock: 4 ¼ x 5 ½” folder and small scrap to die cut
•Various colored papers for layering
•Beacon ZipDryTM adhesive
•ColorBox™ Dystress Blendable Ink pads: Cattail, Palomino, Citronella, Shamrock & Salmon,
        Black Pigment ink pad for stamping verbiage
•Small spray/mister …

Native American Wedding Prayer

Native American Wedding Prayer           

The Native American peoples have many customs and beliefs that have been shared with us. This wedding prayer is one that I love and cherish….it is the words my husband and I spoke at our wedding twenty six years ago. I knew when these thin sheets of handmade paper dried that they would be perfect to use in creating this art piece. The finished piece will be an anniversary gift for Charles to remind him how much he is loved.

Supplies •Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits
•Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
•A sunny window
•Scraps of off white paper (think junk mail, etc.)
•Scraps of off white matt board to die cut, 7 ¾ x 9 ¾” for backing
•Several colors of Sculpey® polymer clay (you will want to mix the colors to match the ink
   colors) I used Souffle': #SU 6001 Igloo, # SU6665 Cinnamon, #SU6301 Latte
•Petroglyph molds
•Dedicated clay oven
•Stamps: Stamp A Mania™ (NA Wedding and large background petroglyph)  Hampton Art™…

Thankful Cards by Steph

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with fall cards using handmade papers created with the Arnold Grummer Papermaking Kit.

Did you know you can add items to the pulp to create an assortment of different papers?  Once I had the pulp ready, I added a sprinkling of botanicals.   But I could also have added leaves, angel wings or rosebuds or even mica flakes for different effects.  Once you pour out the pulp, just swirl the botanicals (or other items) so they spread around the paper.

Using a punch, I punched several leaves from my paper.

Next, I stamped and embossed on my paper.  Your paper can be stamped and heat embossed for amazing effects.

I created a 5 1/2" square card, then cut the handmade paper to fit.  Then I added the elements and used mini paper clips to clip the punched leaves to the card.

For my second card, I created a 5 1/2" card and placed a striped panel on the card.  

I used a scrap of handmade paper from which I punched another 3 leaves.  I backed this piece …