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© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

I love to turn a discard into a useful item but also a piece of art. A friend gave me a number of these boxes and they will be perfect to repurpose and to give as gifts this year. This one will go to a sweet friend and can be used as a “catch all” (you know those tiny odds and ends) in her beautiful black and white bathroom.  I used scraps of heavy weight white handmade paper to die cut the images and word, but in case you need to start from scratch, follow the instructions below.

·Any of the Arnold Grummer®paper making kits ·Blender, cello sponges and soft towels ·A sunny window ·Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.) ·Dies: Tonic Studios™ #1120E Filigree Flourish, # 26E “Live the life……..” ·Tonic Studios™Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine ·Iron to make the handmade paper smooth ·Beacon ZipDryTMadhesive ·Pre made box 6 ½ X 3 x 2” (or make your own)

1.Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits…

Handmade Paper with Stitching Card

Welcome everyone to Monday! When I started making cards, the first type was called Stitching Cards. My mom was making them and I had purchased some patterns for her. I started looking at them and thought "I could do this" and that's how it started. Since then I have started all kinds of different types but I still like to go back and make these.
Here is what you will need:
Handmade paper using your paper making mill blender water cardstock embroidery thread pin  tape and either glue or double sided tape Iron
Make your handmade  paper using Arnold Grummer paper making mill (think junk mail) I used the packing paper that came in a box with an order. Better to reuse than throw in the landfill. I then dried the paper using an iron to flatten it and dry it at the same time.  To make the stitching card, you follow a pattern and punch small holes using a pin. Then use the embroidery floss to "sew" on the card design. I use card stock so that it is sturdy. I then atta…

Beautiful Backgrounds

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

Some handmade paper, a few ink pads and re-inkers, stamps and stencils and what have you got? Literally hundreds of backgrounds for cards, collage and mixed media pieces! Beware! Creating these backgrounds is addictive!


·Any of the Arnold Grummer®paper making kits ·Blender, cello sponges and soft towels ·A sunny window ·Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.) ·The PaperCut™various colors of cardstock for card bases and envelopes ·Stencils: Dreamweaver™LJ901, Arabesques handmade stencil ·Tonic Studios™paper trimmer and scissors ·Scor-Pal™ ·Tonic Studios™Craft Tacky glue ·ColorBox™ dye based ink pads in tans & rusts, blues, greens, peach, black, Stylus™ handle and white tips ·Winter White seam binding


I Love to emboss on handmade paper! I love recycling too and the base paper is made from my huge stash of Netflix mailer covers. The blue paper was made from cardstock scraps. I'm so happy I joined up with the Arnold Grummer family and made recycling paper a part of my life style.
Usually, I am pulling from my stash of handmade paper so I misted the dry paper very slightly before running it through my embossing machine. The details of the embossing folder just come out so sharp and clear, and just makes me happy! And don't you just love a deckled edge?

I hand cut my bird and branch since I don't run my handmade paper through my electronic die cutting machine so here is a template if you want it. Please feel free to download it and use it :)
So at least if I am going to miss someone's birthday they are going to feel special getting a card made out of handmade paper!

Fairy Tag Books

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

Tales of fairies and wee folk are part of my Irish heritage. As a little girl I used to love to hear about their world and lives. These two little books full of fairy quotes will be for my two youngest great nieces to carry on the tradition.

·Any of the Arnold Grummer®paper making kits ·AG 52 card fan book 2 ½ x 5 ½” for each fairy tag ·Blender, cello sponges and soft towels ·A sunny window ·Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.) ·Die: Tonic Studios™ #1002E Rocco Fairy Rhoslyn, #1101E Rocco Fairy Lilly ·Tonic Studios™Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine ·Tonic Studios™paper trimmer ·Double sided foam tape ·Tonic Studios™

Soon to be Thank You cards

Well another Monday which means another week starting. Today I am making cards to send to my sister who is a consultant for a Make-up company. She likes to send Thank You cards to her big clients when they order from her.

I make 5 cards to a set and she is asking for 3 sets right now. I made 2 plain ones because she does have male clients who purchase from her and I made a pink one, yellow one and one with confetti.
(the other two sets will be the same). To make the yellow and pink ones, I just added a little craft paint to the water and let the paper set in it for a few minutes.

I have not stamped on them yet because she is still looking for that "perfect Thank You" stamp she wants me to put on them. (rolling eyes here because I told her I had lots of Thank You stamps)

The supplies I used

Arnold Grummer Paper making mill

Craft paint (any color is fine)



After making the sheets, I ironed them flat. She doesn't need envelopes with them because she just writes…

Fairy Hideaway

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

One of the neighbor’s little girls is having a 7th birthday party next weekend and she loves anything to do with Fairies! Do you remember how much fun coloring was? The new Double Details die set and stencil “Poppy Hideaway” are perfect for her birthday card!
·Any ArnoldArnold Grummer® paper making kits ·blender, cello sponges, towels ·Scraps of white paper (think junk mail) ·5 x 5” scrap of white paper for card liner ·Iron (to make the handmade paper smooth) ·Die: Tonic Studios™ 1141E Double Details Poppy Hideaway ·Stencil: Tonic Studios™1145E Double Details Poppy Hideaway ·Tonic Studios™Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine ·Tonic Studios™paper trimmer ·Tonic Studios™Nuvo Pen Collection:

Life Lessons book

Hi everyone! Today I made a little book from the Arnold Grummer's 52 Card Fan Deck using magazines and some hand made paper. You can go HERE for all the steps to making your own handmade paper using thePour Mold.

I made a short little video showing you the insides to the book, you will notice right off that I didn't use all 52 sheets so I have plenty left over to make more books!
"A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life."Mandy Hale

Take Note

I don't know about you, but I need a pad of paper by every phone in my house. We generally use scrap paper but had recently run out. And, it was time to upgrade.

Did you know that Sticky Note Kits are available at ArnoldGrummer's website?? 

The kit comes complete with templates and cardboard covers and spines!  Everything you need to get started except paper! I made a couple of pieces of pretty pink paper using my Pour handmold.

After making my paper, I used the templates to cut the cover and inside piece.  Once cut, I glued the covers and spine to the paper. After that dried, I  added the inside paper( a scrap of pattern paper)  to give it a finished look.

The cover can be decorated and I chose to use a casting mold 

I painted mine and added lace underneath to finish the top of the pad.

Isn't this pretty? Looks much nicer than scrap paper!

I am thinking I will more not only for me but also to give as gifts!

Thank you for joining me today for another fun project to use up…