I Love to emboss on handmade paper! I love recycling too and the base paper is made from my huge stash of Netflix mailer covers. The blue paper was made from cardstock scraps. I'm so happy I joined up with the Arnold Grummer family and made recycling paper a part of my life style.

Usually, I am pulling from my stash of handmade paper so I misted the dry paper very slightly before running it through my embossing machine. The details of the embossing folder just come out so sharp and clear, and it...well...it just makes me happy! And don't you just love a deckled edge?

I hand cut my bird and branch since I don't run my handmade paper through my electronic die cutting machine so here is a template if you want it. Please feel free to download it and use it :)

So at least if I am going to miss someone's birthday they are going to feel special getting a card made out of handmade paper!


  1. Love your project! I do not think I have embossed on handmade paper yet - good to know!

  2. Super cute card! I lvoe embossing on the paper toO!

  3. What a cute card! I love paper making - need to pull out my materials and get back into it! :)

  4. I LOVE your quote on the card. Haven't tried the embossing yet and yours looks great!

  5. This looks great.. the quote is awesome and the use of the embossing folder is grand.. thanks for the dl.. :)

  6. FUN, FUN, FUN!
    Love and light, Michele


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