How to create watermarks in your handmade paper

Today I am excited to share with you just how simple it is to create a watermark
 in your handmade paper.
 I have to admit, I haven't made paper in a while and I needed a fun project to jumpstart me back in action. Nothing inspires me more than watching the man himself, Arnold Grummer demonstrate how it's done by watching his videos. You can also get his book Trash to Treasure with great photos and clear instructions! He has a way of making everything look so easy so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

WOW! I am hooked on this decorative technique! 

Begin by assembling your materials for basic papermaking:
torn paper
water plus a blender
plastic tub
 papermaking screen, screen support grid, cover screen
Pour or Dip handmold -  (I'll be using the large pour Handmold)
plastic letters

(Watch this video for how to make a basic sheet of paper)

Here are the steps I used:

 I used 2 different letter styles to see which one worked out the best, but in the end it was just a matter of which one I liked better since they both worked out very well. I was very pleased that neither fell off on the paper making but I made sure I had extra letters on hand just in case they did. 

1. the consistency of your pulp - this might be the trickiest, yet most important part of the process (not too chunky that it covers up the watermark ) and 2. the thickness of the paper itself
 (not too thick that the letters cannot be seen while the pulp is in the mold). In other words: where the paper is thinner, more light shines through, and where the paper is thicker, the opacity of the sheet blocks light.

 The most fun part is getting to see what you created!
Now I chose my paper to become stationary so I created some lovely matching envelopes too!
( Take a look at fellow design team member Steph Ackerman envelope tutorial! )

The possibilities are endless when you make your own paper with Arnold Grummer®

Wouldn't this be fun to add "BOO" to a Halloween card?
 Can you think of any other applications for this technique?
Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!
Happy Papermaking!


  1. Making paper is already fun on it's own but adding a watermark like this is awesome. I was thinking of a flower mark or tiny butterflies in a corner.

  2. Very pretty paper and adding the water mark is awesome. Thanks for the envelope link of Steph's. I'm going to hop over there now.

  3. Love just opened up a ton of ideas!

  4. It was exciting to get this in the mail!!! Thanks so much!! Love you!!

    Jamie Miller

  5. Great post, Sandee! I have been intrigued by making watermarks since I first watched the videos by Arnold Grummer. I so enjoy his explanations of the process. You have given me extra motivation to try it out. I think it would be kind of fun to use this technique for clues in a treasure hunt.

    1. It would be cool to make a treasure map with this technique!!


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