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Art Journal Page - tutorial

Hi all
with sad regret I say that this is my last post for my 6 month DT position here.
But I hope this tutorial will be a good one for you....

You will need:
Hand made paper (using the Arnold Grummer Paper making kits)
Reinkers that can water activate (i.e.: Stampin Up! or Distress inks)
Craft mat
Light grey marker pen (I used copic C1)
Black marker pen
gel medium
Black paper
handmade paper larger than other piece
versa mark pen (or versa mark ink pad with lettering stamps)
white colouring in pencil
white embossing powder an heat gun
Circle stencil

1. select your re-inker colours and put them on your craft mat. Spray them with water and get two sheets of handmade paper - put one on top of the inky mess.... then do the second... I find that the second one is more the splotchiness we need not the first.... use the first for another art journal page or a greeting card background.

2. using my C1 copic pen (you can use any grey medium you want - colouring in pencil, felt pen, gelato, fabe…

Pressed Flower “Blossom” Cards

©Michele Emerson-Roberts2014
(2 projects)
Summer is here! It’s a perfect time to start harvesting those wildflowers or blossoms from your garden and pressing them in any of the Arnold Grummer flower presses. The presses are so easy to use and the results are wonderful. The cards created with some handmade paper and pressed flowers are a special way of preserving the memories of summer.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsAny of the Arnold Grummer Flower Presses (take advantage of the sale this month!)Microwave if using either of the Mirofleur presses Flowers of your choice to pressScraps of off white and dark green paper (think junk mail, etc.)Blender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, paper cutter, scissors, bone folderDeep grape (or color to match your pressed flower) card stock 5 ½ x 8 ½” folded and envelopeDies:  CheeryLynn tiny leavesSpellbinders Grand Calibur™ MachineColorBox™ Chalk Warm Violet Ink pad (or color to mat…

Create a Journal Using Handmade Papers

Have you made a lot of papers with your Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Mill?  Wondering what to do with some of the papers?  Do you love journal books?  Have a friend that a journal would be the perfect gift.  Here is  an easy journal to make! Find an old book about half the size of the handmade papers (8 1/2 x 11) you will be using to fill your book. Cut the pages out of the book and remove the back spine.

Gather handmade papers to fill the book (8 1/2 x 11), cut them in half. Cut them in half, to give the sheets a handmade edge use a scor-pal to score the paper.

With a make  a q-tip wet the score and gently rip the paper. Punch three holes in the  book cover, use it as a guide to punch the holes in the handmade papers!

All the beautiful papers look wonderful together. To make a beautiful cover on the book.  Take a piece of handmade paper and adhere with gel medium. Print Altered Pages Collage Sheet Eiffel Tower Over Paris on Craft Attitude printable film.
Cut out the large Eiffel Tower a…

Papercasting Three Dimensional Shapes

While processing pulp for casting in molds for the last project, an idea came to try and sculpt a three-dimensional shape using the left over pulp.

Experimenting with crafting material of any kind just happens to be something I enjoy doing.  It's fun to push the limits of materials and play with combining products because that's how new techniques and ideas are created in my opinion.

I used wire mesh to form a simple body base for a dragonfly.  Two sizes of wings were cut from wire mesh. NOTE: The mesh used was Amaco WireForm Metal Mesh.

The process I used to cover the mesh forms was to dip the pieces into the pulp that is in a shallow container.  Move the mesh shapes around in the container, lift the mesh pieces from the container and press some of the water out with your fingers.  Place the mesh covered pieces onto a board covered with a towel.  Use a sponge or toweling to continue to press the water from the shapes.  This process was repeated to continue to add a coating of…

Starfish Favor/Gift Box

©Michele Emerson-Roberts2014

I am always looking for easy and elegant favor/gift boxes to slip a tiny gift or trinket into. I like to make up several at a time to have on hand. This is one of the easiest boxes ever created and can be made in any combination of colors and themes using the wonderful selection of the Arnold Grummer casting molds.

Thinking of You This Summer

It's hard to believe that summer is almost in full swing now and we are half way through the year.  This time of year is often very busy for all of us and it's when I like to make a special effort to keep in touch with my friends and let them know I'm thinking of them.  This card was created with just that in mind.  I used one of the Papermill Kits to create the white cardbase and the green sheet of paper.  I added some of the Tissue Tints to get the green color in the white paper pulp.   I had a leftover flower and leaf when I had dried some for a previous project so I decided to use it, too.  The flower was dried using a Microfleur Press.   It's great to be able to dry several flowers and keep them on hand to use for those special projects.  There's nothing more fun than using a sheet of handmade paper and then adding a hand dried flower onto it.  Enjoy creating some special cards for your friends and family this summer.  Use the coupon code:  SUMMER20 to get …

A buggy card - tutorial

Hi all
Today I bring you a simple greeting card with the bug paper mould.....

You will need:
plain white greeting card base
dark brown handmade paper
brownish grey handmade paper
paper pulp and mini bug paper mould
paper trimmer and adhesive
brown stamp pad

1. make your paper pulp as per usual but instead of making it into a sheet of paper put it into the mould squeeze out the water with a cloth over top of the paper pulp and the sponge till the sponge is not squeezing out anymore water. take out of mould carefully then let both dry well.

2. with the light brown ink pad and a water mister (in my case anyway - it helped spread the ink better) apply stamp pad over moulded paper cast.

3. Carefully rip the little squares of bugs apart from each other. cut the dark brown card stock to 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" and cut the grey card stock to 5 half" x 2"

4. I used double sided foam pads for sticking the strip on to the dark brown card stock. Then stuck the squares on to the strip.…

Memories from the Beach

©Michele Emerson-Roberts2014

The "By the Sea" gift bag filled with Salt Water Taffy was a great success. My mom has been ill for almost a year and has spent more days in the hospital and nursing home than at home with my dad. Creating small gifts to brighten her day is a pleasure. My sister was present when I gave mom her bag of taffy and this matted sand dollar. What a wonderful afternoon of sharing those memories of our times at the beach.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsMold: CPSand Dollar Microwave, heat gun or a sunny windowBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, scissorsQuickGrab™ Adhesive, double sided tapeScraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)Light blue 6 x 6” mat board (with backing) with a 2 ¾”- 3” openingEmbossing folder with wordsSpellbinders Grand Calibur™ MachineColorBox™ Chalk Ink pad in Lavender Blue and Stylist handle with white foam tipsColorBox™ Metallic Gold Ink pad and …

Tea Time Note Cards!

You have already heard from me how easy it is to make paper with the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Mill, if you don't believe me, watch the video on Basic Paper Making HERE to see how easy handmade paper making can be.  Personal notecards are the best to receive, also great gifts to give as a notecard gift set.  For the cards below I made handmade sheets of paper with my Arnold Grummer Paper Making Mill. Almost all of my papers are made with papers from my shredder.  The color is added with scrap cardstock.  Here are the papers I made using my Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Mill.  The base card was made from shredded papers from our personal shredder. The papers above were made from scraps of leftover papers that were any shade of green and any shade of purple.  These are the results I got. On some bits of  Arnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes and Arnold Grummer's Gold Dust were added.
Paper pulp can be cast in clay molds, acrylic molds for polymer clay, cookie cutters …