"F" is for Flowers and Family

It's hard to believe it's June already and the flowers are in bloom.  Well, in most places.  The flowers where I live have just started to bloom for the first time this year.  I am anxious for the small flowers to bloom because I have found another great hobby from Arnold Grummer's....flower drying.  I purchased these flowers shown on this plaque since mine weren't blooming in time for me to do this project that now sits in our kitchen which is our family gathering spot. 
The background for this is a handmade sheet of paper using one of the Papermill Kits.  It was cut to 8" x 8" and adhered to one of the Paper Quilt Squares.  The word "family" was cut with a die cut machine and attached to the paper.  Family is important to us so this was the perfect word to include with these beautifully dried flowers. 
I purchased a bouquet of flowers and dried a few of them using a Microfleur Press.  I dried a couple of the leaves from the stem and used them as a backing for the flowers for an extra touch.  They were attached to the paper using glue. 
Since one of the fun purposes of making handmade paper is recycling by using junk mail to make the sheets of paper, I carried this purpose one step further for this project.  The frame is made from so old trim that was left over from our kitchen remodel.  A miter saw was used to cut the angles and each piece was glued together with wood glue.   It, also, was the finishing touch since this piece is going to be in our family's gathering spot. 
Dried flowers are a perfect addition to any piece of wall art.  Create a piece to match each season for a nice change.  I can't wait to do some fall leaves as fall is my favorite season and you can join me as I do it!
Use the coupon code:  SUMMER20 to save 20% on your entire order.  Head over to the Arnold Grummer website now and get what you need to join me in drying more flowers and leaves and in making some fabulous handmade paper!
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