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"I Love You to the Moon and Back" handcast paper wall sign

"I Love You to the Moon and Back" handcast paper wall sign

Make your own "I love you to the MOON and back" handcast wall sign using my tutorial below!
I have a "thing" for hand made signs ... especially when it comes to "vintage" or even "vintagey looking".  I love how time (or technique) ages the paint; the sun and wind and rain imparting upon them that classic weathered look.  In all honesty, it's the "textures" that draw me in like a moth to the flame, and I blame that on my "addiction to detail". Most of the wall pieces I create at "Talk Knotty To Me" are on wood or canvas but the sign project in this tutorial will be created from handcast paper! And what I do love about handmade paper is the "texture" it can magically reveal.
In this tutorial, learn how to create your own "I love you to the moon and back" handcast paper wall sign that will be a joy to make and even more so "gift

Making Paper Lanterns from Handmade Paper

Making paper lanterns from handmade paper is an easy way to add a beautiful ambience to any gathering. Handmade paper has a gorgeous texture. Light shining through it is magical. As I made my first sheets of paper using the Arnold Grummer complete paper making kit I thought how lovely the pieces would be to display at my art show in April. I will give them away to people who attend my opening event. So let me show you how I made them.

Supply List:
Arnold Grummer’s Papermill Complete Kit & DVD
Medium Pour Handmold
Large Pour Handmold

Large Couch Sheets

scrap paper for papermaking punches - the punches used for this project are ek tools circle punch 1” and 2” double-sided tape or adhesive
I used both the Medium Pour Handmold and the Large Pour Handmold to make a variety of papers. I l…

Creating Handmade Envelopes

Hi everyone,Steph Ackerman here today to show you how to create envelopes with the Arnold Grummer Papermaking Kit and Envelope Template.

How would you use these envelopes?

Using the large Pour Handmold, assemble with the Envelope Template.  Place the Pour Handmold in water.  Add torn strips of paper into a blender with 2 cups of water and blend. 

Pour the slurry into the Pour Handmold and swirl the slurry in the mold.  You want to be sure the slurry covers the entire template.

Remove the mold from the water, unstrap mold, remove the envelope template and place the cover screen (it looks like window screen) on top of the molded paper.  Use a sponge to remove the water from the paper.

Once most of the water has been absorbed, remove the cover screen and template and place a Couch Sheet on top.  The Couch Sheet will absorb more water.  Flip the screen/paper/couch sheet sandwich over to remove additional water from the back.

And this is the result.  Fun shaped envelopes.

Decorate the env…