Making Paper Lanterns from Handmade Paper

Making paper lanterns from handmade paper is an easy way to add a beautiful ambience to any gathering. Handmade paper has a gorgeous texture. Light shining through it is magical. As I made my first sheets of paper using the Arnold Grummer complete paper making kit I thought how lovely the pieces would be to display at my art show in April. I will give them away to people who attend my opening event. So let me show you how I made them. 

Supply List:

Arnold Grummer’s Papermill Complete Kit & DVD

Medium Pour Handmold 

Large Pour Handmold
Large Couch Sheets

scrap paper for papermaking
punches - the punches used for this project are ek tools circle punch 1” and 2”
double-sided tape or adhesive

I used both the Medium Pour Handmold and the Large Pour Handmold to make a variety of papers. I love making paper from gift wrap tissue paper. I separated the papers by color and made a wide variety of sizes and colors of papers. To have step by step directions on how to make this paper see Fun with the Papermill Volume 1 

Taking a sheet of the large paper, use a ruler and pencil to mark out 3” sections with the leftover paper for the flap. Using a medium-sized paper adjust the size to taste. 2” sections will yield a square-shaped lantern.

Fold the paper on the pencil marks. 

Using a punch, create areas for the light to shine through. This can be done from the top and bottom, or the holes can be punched by folding the paper and placing the punch at the location desired. This will yield holes on two sides.

Secure the edges with two-sided tape, painter’s tape, glue or even sew up the seam. 

***Use only battery-powered “candles” for this lantern. ***

The lanterns can be displayed horizontally or vertically. 

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to come by to my website and blog for more photos of how these lanterns look at my opening on April 5th. 

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  1. Love the rainbow of coloured sheets Lynda. The pinky-purple lantern is my favourite.
    Can you share a link to your art show that you'll be giving away the lanterns at? <3

    1. Thank you, Valerie! I love to make all kinds of colors so that I can have plenty to choose from. Sometimes I make them with no project in mind, just stockpiling. The opening was April 5th and in the midst of things I didn't get those lanterns photographed, but they were well received . If you like to take a peek at the slideshow you can find it on my website at :

      Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. I LOVE your paper lanterns made from that gorgeous handmade paper oh la la!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandee! I know we share a love of handmade paper.

  3. love how you 'light the way' to another gorgeous paper project, Lynda - thank you! Such clear, helpful directions, too. A true contribution to papermakers and paper craft artists.


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