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Chigiri-e Japanese torn paper collage

This tutorial will show you how to create a chigiri-e inspired torn paper collage using handmade paper. Chigiri-e is a traditional Japanese craft. It is used for stationary, wall hangings, boxes and all kinds of decoration.
Handmade paper is perfect for this technique as the torn edges provide a lot of texture. This is a great time to use the scraps of paper left over from other projects as well as those pieces of paper that have irregularities.

-Arnold Grummer Medium Pour Handmold
Medium Couch Sheets (You are going to need a lot of these if you want to make the variety of colors you will want for making the variety of colors of paper to choose from that I want.) -Paper for background -Various handmade papers for the design -Embossing stylus (optional) or pencil -Tracing paper (I used Dritz Disappearing Mark-B-Gone Tracing Paper. It took a few days, but the marks are entirely gone.) -Glue -Tweezers -Pattern template below (optional)


Place the background on a work surface. La…

Sweet Candy Cones with Handmade Papers

Hi everyone, Steph here today creating some Sweet Candy Cones with Handmade Papers.

I spent a day recently creating an assortment of papers with the Arnold Grummer Papermaking Kit.  Once you get started, it's hard to stop once you see the fun papers you've created.  I took some of these handmade papers and rolled them into cones.  I used Scor-Tape to adhere them together.

To decorate the candy cones, I placed Beline Lace Feather Fringe from Expo International along the top edge, adhering it with Scor-Tape.  The fringe really dressed up my cones.

I then decorated the cones with assorted flowers and brads. 

Tissue paper was placed inside the cones then I filled the cones with candy.

How fun would these be at a party?  Wouldn't they make sweet table decorations?
Thanks for stopping by.

Kirigami with Handmade Paper

Making kirigami with handmade paper is easy and the results can be elegant or quirky depending on your choices. Whether you are using your handmade paper to make into kirigami or adding kirigami pieces into your handmade paper, the results are beautiful.

"So what is kirigami?" you may ask.

Kirigami is the combination of folding and cutting paper to make designs. Most of us have made paper snowflakes. That is a form of kirigami. First, you fold the paper and then you cut elements from the folds. Unfolding the piece reveals the pattern.

There are two parts to this article:
Part One - Making kirigami
Part Two - Incorporating kirigami in your handmade paper.


recycled materials to make paper
Arnold Grummer's medium hand mold
basin for water
Couch sheets
scissors with thin, sharp blades

Video tutorials to watch:

How to Make Paper: Surface Embedment
How to Make Paper: Sheet Layering


Making Kirigami:

Kirigami involves folding and cutting. To have the best results,…

WHO's Getting Crafty Today?

These cute little guys were paper-cast using a silicone mold. Although there are some imperfections, I'm very pleased with their final appearance. They are not fragile, and after being painted and sealed, any fiber strays are tamed. I haven't decided if they're going to be ornaments or magnets, or both! The back is half hollow, so it's easy to pierce through the top and add a hanging ribbon or thick thread, (the middle one has a hanger). Yet, they are shallow enough to accommodate a circular magnet.

Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit
Cotton Rag Fiber - Arnold Grummer
Silicone mold, Owls-Tovolo (each owl is 2.5" h x 1.75" w)
Acrylic Paint - pumpkin, sunflower, waterfall, lime yellow, black
Clear glossy sealant spray - Krylon

1. Create paper pulp with shredded scrap paper and Cotton Rag Fiber.
2. Drain excess water from the pulp while putting it into the silicone mold. Use a dry cloth to push the pulp firmly down into the mold, adding more p…

"Paper Papillon" Sentiments Card ~ set free a little bit of kindness

"Paper Papillon" Sentiments Card set free a little bit of kindness

There's nothing more special in springtime than the sight of the first butterfly of the warm season.  The butterfly to me symbolizes hope and rebirth; nature's promise of better and brighter things to come.
The sight of a Monarch or a Swallowtail flitting on the air over garden blossoms and fresh greenery lights up my heart immediately.  I always take the time to stop and watch it as it goes along, paying attention to its carefreeness and appreciation of all things flowery.
In my heart I find myself silently making a wish that it will stay just a bit longer so I can take in its pure beauty for just a bit longer ... but alas, she has things to do, flowers to tend, nectar to drink and promises to bring to others besides myself.  On her way she merrily goes ... over the curls of wind and up ... up ... into the sky and beyond my view.
Under my breath I whisper "Thank you" to her for kindly visiting m…