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Birds in Spring!

Giving and receiving handmade cards is the best!  I love it when someone sends me a card they made.   I love the reaction I get from people when I tell them I made the paper! Then when I tell them most of the paper is made from paper in my shredder they are amazed!  
Here are two BIRD cards, all papers used are handmade using the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Kit!  The papers used were made from scarps of leftover papers that were any color of yellow and any color of green.  These are the results I got. On some bits of  Arnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes and Arnold Grummer's Gold Dust were added. For the card base fold one sheet of hand made paper in half using the ScorPal.  When using the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Kit your sheets of paper will be approximately 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches. Then rip paper for the panel on the card. To do this lightly fold the paper where you want it to rip and dampen it lightly with water so you have control of the paper while ripping.  I prin…

Red, White & Blue Banner Day's

Banners can be a simple decoration to be used around the house for any occasion. Celebrate the beginning of the summer season on this Memorial Day, with this red, white and blue banner.  It can remain up as a decoration all summer long or all year long as a simple All-American sign.

To make this decoration, I made three sheets of paper for the base of each of the three pennants.  Using sheets of red, blue and white papers, I cut them into thin strips before processing in the blender.  The red and blue strips were pre-soaked.  I created a thicker sheet of each color using the pour method. NOTE: I started with the white sheet. Use the water in the blender from the red and blue soaked paper shreds. Continued with the red and blue, cleaning all items used and changing water between the colors in the container.

Once the sheets are formed and dried, trim them each to measure 5 1/4" x 8".  I scanned and printed images from a "flag" book to be used on each of the pennants.…

A String of Butterflies

Hi all Debbie here…
My daughter loves butterflies so this project was for her bedroom……
a string of butterflies to hang from her ceiling!

For this project you will need:
Medium template folding heart card #350 
This is the wings or your butterflies.
Make the heart shapes while making your paper with Arnold Grummers paper making kits.
Make all different colours and add different things to your papers while doing so. Make two sets of wings per butterfly for a double sided look.

There are heaps of wonderful additives you can use from Arnold Grummer online store.

Other items needed:
scissors, String or bakers twine, pen, needle, beads, glue, spare scraps of paper

Now lets get started:
After making and drying all your fancy decorative papers take out the template again, draw on your scraps of paper an oval near the middle and then remove the template and draw the rest of your butterfly body as shown below...

Then cut out all your butterfly bodies. Two per but…

Embossed Pearl Butterfly Card

©Michele Emerson-Roberts  2014

Some dear friends’ anniversary crept up on me and I had to get a card in the mail right away, and once again Arnold Grummer’s handmade/cast papers come to my rescue! I am so happy that I had a great selection of papers already made. It is such a delight to be able to create papers ahead of time and then just grab a sheet or two when you need a quick but exceptional card! Save that junk mail, it is an endless supply of pulp! Take some time today to make papers and castings for your future projects.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsScraps of white and grey or black paper (think junk mail, etc.)White or pearl grey text weight paper for message approx. 4 x 5”Clear envelope to fit card8 ½ x 11” Butterfly rubbing/texture sheet or stencil (kids school supply)A sunny windowBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, scissors, craft knife and cutting surfaceScore-Pal Die: Spellbinders™ LF-006 Grand Shapab…

Butterfly Card

Besides making the paper, one of my favorite things has become molding the paper.  It another great way to use handmade pieces in your projects.  It's also fun to use all the different molds that Arnold Grummer's carries. 

The card base for this card was created using a sheet of handmade white paper.  I used the basic instructions for making paper and one of the Papermill Kits  for it.  The orange sheet was made for the mat using the same method, but this time a piece of orange Tissue Tints was added for the color.  It was, then, cut down to size to fit the card.  Be sure to save the rest of the sheet for other projects. 

The molded pieces were created using the Garden Bouquet mold and the Mini Assortment Mold and cotton linter.  The Mini Assortment mold has 4 different images so I only used enough of the cotton linter to fill the butterfly section and repeated it to make 3 of them.  I used some decorating chalks to add the colors to each piece.  They were attached to the c…

Spring Flower Card

Hi All!  Peggy here, today I would like to show you how I made my  Spring Flower Card using Arnold Grummer's Paper making kit.  Making paper is so very rewarding.  Todays list of supplies are:  Arnold Grummer's paper making kitBotanical AdditivesEmbossing Folder/MachineGelatos (red, yellow,blue)CardstockSentiment StampAdhesive
First I made some paper with my AG Kit and placed flowers into my screen before lifting the pulp out of the water. (you can see a video of how to do that here) I used some blue angel wings, but you can find everything you need here as far as botanical additives. After all that fun! I was ready to dive into making my homemade paper embossed! I cut my paper to size to fit my card front (card stock) and I placed my paper into an embossing folder and ran it through my embossing machine. What wonderful texture. Now to color my creation.  I used Gelatos to color my textured paper. I ran my colors over the embossed side of my paper to catch all the lifted areas…

Happy Fathers Day Card

©Michele Emerson-Roberts2014
I am so lucky to still have my step dad living. We will celebrate another Father’s Day with him this year if the good Lord is willing. He always wanted to go hunting….. “with a camera”. Perhaps this card will bring a smile to his face since he was never able to make the time to go and now health issues keep him from going.

Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kitsMicrowave, heat gun or a sunny windowBlender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, scissors, bone folderBeacon QuickGrab™ and ZipDry™ adhesives, double sided foam tape or foam dotsScraps of white paper (think colored junk mail, etc.)Mold: CP Ducks in flightOne 6 x12” Burgundy 90# card stock folded in half (I used World Win)Envelope for a 6 x 6” cardColorBox™ Chalk Ink pads in Lavender Blue and light brownStylist handle with white foam tips Approx. 1 yard of variegated golden brown flossApprox. 1 yard of variegated golden brown m…

Spring Flowers!

In the Pacific Northwest we know Spring has arrived when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. Mine are always bloom by Mother's Day Weekend. Outdoor gatherings are being planned, what better time to display the bounty of spring.  Use your garden to create beautiful center pieces! 
Rhododendrons and columbines in the garden!

To decorate the bottles I used handmade papers (watch the video on Basic Paper Making HERE). All of my papers are made with papers from my shredder.  The color is added with scrap cardstock. 

To make these decorative bottles, rip strips of handmade paper in a desired width.  Adhere with double sided tape. Wrap twine several times around the bottle and tie a bow.

Use the bottles individually or in a grouping!

Use your handmade papers to create gifts.  Here I recycled an old tin that was filled with tea.  It made a great container to give the gift of tea to a friend of mine.
For the can I cut two pieces of light blue paper the width of the tin (one …