A String of Butterflies

Hi all Debbie here…
My daughter loves butterflies so this project was for her bedroom……
a string of butterflies to hang from her ceiling!

For this project you will need:
Medium template folding heart card #350 
This is the wings or your butterflies.
Make the heart shapes while making your paper with Arnold Grummers paper making kits.
Make all different colours and add different things to your papers while doing so. Make two sets of wings per butterfly for a double sided look.

There are heaps of wonderful additives you can use from Arnold Grummer online store.

Other items needed:
scissors, String or bakers twine, pen, needle, beads, glue, spare scraps of paper

Now lets get started:
After making and drying all your fancy decorative papers take out the template again, draw on your scraps of paper an oval near the middle and then remove the template and draw the rest of your butterfly body as shown below...

Then cut out all your butterfly bodies. Two per butterfly to make it double sided.

You should end up with a few butterflies

With the needle and beads string them on your string or twine..

Now wrap your string or twine around your fingers a few times loosely… we will make a tassel.

then tie the top end near the beads…...
And cut the loops at the bottom. The beads help weight the string down and the tassel finishes it off.

Now take one butterfly wing and glue the string to the middle of the wings...

with a strip of glue down the middle of the wings only stick on the other set of wings hiding the string.

Then stick the two butterfly bodies to either side and slightly curl the wings away from each other.

Do this all the way up the string until you run out of butterflies to construct….

and you have a hanging butterfly decoration for summer! yippee!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you give this tutorial a go.

Debbie Buckland

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