A buggy card - tutorial

Hi all
Today I bring you a simple greeting card with the bug paper mould.....

You will need:
plain white greeting card base
dark brown handmade paper
brownish grey handmade paper
paper pulp and mini bug paper mould
paper trimmer and adhesive
brown stamp pad

1. make your paper pulp as per usual but instead of making it into a sheet of paper put it into the mould squeeze out the water with a cloth over top of the paper pulp and the sponge till the sponge is not squeezing out anymore water. take out of mould carefully then let both dry well.

2. with the light brown ink pad and a water mister (in my case anyway - it helped spread the ink better) apply stamp pad over moulded paper cast.

3. Carefully rip the little squares of bugs apart from each other. cut the dark brown card stock to 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" and cut the grey card stock to 5 half" x 2"

4. I used double sided foam pads for sticking the strip on to the dark brown card stock. Then stuck the squares on to the strip....

you are finished!
easy and quick to assemble once the paper and cast is made and dried.

its a great male oriented card too.

All the best and please have fun with your paper pulp moulds.

there are plenty in the shop at Arnold Grummers website
click here to check them out

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you give this tutorial a go.

Debbie Buckland

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