How to create fluid borders

I love to make stationery and I have been trying out some different designs lately, like making fluid borders the Arnold Grummer way! His paper making kits are the bomb and they will get you making your own paper quickly and easily.

The first thing we all do is when we are making handmade paper is to decide what color paper we are going to recycle. There is the choosing of scraps we collected to tear into tiny stamp size pieces and then when we are making a border, we need two colors! The joy of designing your own paper is all about style! AND if you add some Gold Dust then you are adding pizazz to your paper!

For this project, I made 2 different sets of stationary with matching envelopes but it's the same steps for both colors. First thing I did was to use my pour mold to create the base of the paper and then while the paper is still sitting in your vat of water you will want to squirt in your colored pulp along the side of the deckle. This ensures a fluid look to the border.

I'm calling this paper "Pink Sands" and I just love how they turned out. 
Yes, I am naming my papers, lol
I find that the Medium Pour Mold creates the perfect size paper for stationery.

Making matching envelopes with the Large Envelope template just makes my gift giving more special, or at least I hope so since this is a Christmas present!

The blue set is called "Ocean Dreams" as it really looks very aquatic and swirly!
The little bit of Gold Dust really added to it and it's magically delicious!

The final touch to personalize the stationery is stamping the back of each paper,
 because handmade paper is definitely something that is
 made with love!
Rubbermoon's Made with Love stamp

Nothing can compare to a handmade gift. 
Whatever the occasion, these gifts really tend to shine since they are often 
crafty, creative, and one of a kind.



  1. OMG....these are FABULOUS! All the years I have been making paper and I have never thought to do this......what a WONDERFUL gifts and love "naming" the papers.

  2. really beautiful! I would love to try to make some!!! <3

  3. So pretty. I absolutely LOVE handmade paper. Looks beautiful Auntie. Especially those gold flecks!

  4. Very beautiful papers. I would love to try this.

  5. So make wonderful art, Sandee! Handmade paper would be great with handmade books..and I love the colored edges..

  6. WOW! love your handmade papers! Tried once-- turned out muddy-- not gorgeous like yours!

  7. Sandee, these are beautiful and you make it seem so easy! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  8. Wow.. this was November.. These are beautiful papers!! And the gold is so like Magical goodness!!!


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