Mother's Day Wishes

What mom wouldn't love receiving this special card made from hand made paper?  Add hand made roses to add a touch of elegance to this card.  Make it in mom's favorite color to add another special touch to her day.   Any mom will be thrilled receiving this Mother's Day card made just for her.  
Begin by creating 4 sheets of paper using one of the PaperMill Kits.  The card base was made using a mix on light purple and pink pulp and then once that was poured into the deckle some dark purple pulp was poured in to create darker spots to add some dimension to the paper.  The pulps were made according to the basic instructions and used some tissue tints for coloring.  Another sheet of paper was made by mixing the 2 pulps and would be used for the flowers.
The second sheet of paper was created using the basic instructions and had 1/2 cup of water substituted with 1/2 cup of tea to give the paper a tanned look.  Gold Dust was added to give it more color and a little bling.
The green sheet of paper was made using some left over green card stock and the basic instructions. 
To make the flowers, cut a circle from the purple sheet of paper using a circle punch.  If you don't have a punch or circle die, cut a square of paper large enough for your flower and then use a pair of scissors to round the corners.  The size of flower will depend on the size of circle you use.  
 Free hand a spiral shape onto the circle.  It does not have to be perfect. 
 Cut on the line you just drew starting from the outside and working towards the center. 
 Start rolling the flower from the outside, carefully bending the paper as needed to remove the stiffness.  When you reach the center add a dot of glue from the bottom and attach the last part of the spiral so that the flower looks full. 
Assemble the card and add the flowers.  Add leaves made from the green sheet of paper to finish it off.  These can be cut by hand or if you prefer use a leaf stamp and fussy cut the leaves out.  If you don't want the ink from the stamp showing turn them to face the card base, but by leaving the inked image showing it can add another dimension to the flowers. 
Be sure to create this card for your mom this year to show her how much you love her.  To help get you started, use the code MOM20 to save 20% on your order to get the supplies you need to create this card or any hand made gift for mom this Mother's Day. 
See more of my work at Peg's Crafting Corner


  1. So pretty! thank you for sharing how to make a flower, cant wait to try this!

  2. Lovely card. I will have to try the rose........looks great and looks easy. Thanks for sharing.


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