St Patricks Day practical gift….

Hi all Debbie Buckland here,

St Patricks day is an interesting time in New Zealand…. if you don't drink you don't really celebrate it.
Although it really has nothing to do with drinking!!!

St Patrick was a Godly man that did good for the Irish people.

I decided to make a Note Pad Book with the Starter Kit/coverboards set all available from Arnold Grummer online shop

First of all I made my paper using the paper mill kit using one sheet of green sticky note and the rest white paper.
Then i drew and cut around the template

Then I stuck the cardboard to the paper and folded it over:

After that I stuck some hand made paper inside and added a green Sticky note pad to the inside

Now is decorating time:
When I was making my paper I also made my paper casts

there are many irish looking themed ones on Arnold Grummers website

I only used recycled paper and nothing special. It worked well.  But I really had to be extra careful taking the wet pulp from the mild…. but it still works.

I decorated the shamrock by spraying the copic ciao marker with the spritzer tool (stamping up not tim holts although its the same thing)

Then painted around it in old brass

Then stuck that to the front of the note pad book and added ribbon

I like it a lot with the multi sprinkles in the paper too. Kind of looks like a magic leprechauns note book. ;)

Will make a perfect St Patrick days gift
All the best and see you next post…
See ya again

Debbie Buckland

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