Valentine's Ornament and Card

My four year old grand daughter was sad to see us take down our Christmas tree and all the ornaments. Even though she help take each ornament off the tree, often she would say, "I don't see why we can't leave the ornaments on the tree. They look so pretty!" So, we decided that we'd have a special Valentine's Tree with its own ornaments.

This is an easy project—perfect for involving young children. Chloe had helped make the papers this fall (we followed these basis papermaking instructions), and was eager to get to use them in a project. Together we selected the papers that we'd use for the ornaments—mostly pink, with the odd purple sheet of paper.

We used a heart punch for the shapes. Each ornament requires a minimum of three hearts. For a fuller ornament, just add more hearts. Next, we scored each heart lengthwise in the center. We glued the left half of the first heart to the right half of the second heart. Then, we laid a piece of twine along the center seam, and glued the final heart to the right half of the first heart and the left half of the second heart.

Here you can see our Valentine Tree. It is a huge—about 3 foot—rosemary bush that my husband, Mr. Green Thumb, brings inside and nurses through our cold winters.

Valentine Tree

Heart Ornament

We also made Valentine cards used the punched and scored hearts. We added pop dots along the center crease of the hearts, and folded each half toward the center, making a three dimensional, standing heart.

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