Hand Made Paper Lantern

Hello! My name is Peggy and I would like to show you my lantern made from handmade paper.
The tools used today were:
  • Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit
  • Sticks from my morning walk
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Light Source

I started with making my paper, this kit has all, pulp
and botanicals. I recycled my trash paper and made beautiful sheets with flowers. I followed the directions of Arnold Grummer Here
 I used hot glue and sticks to make a square like base and took more sticks to create a teepee shape.

I placed the hand made sheets behind the sticks in the corners and glued them against the sticks.

Not a very clear picture but here you can see the top. 

And here is my light source that I will be switching out for electric. 
Thanks for joining me today! I had a great time creating and getting to share with all of you!
you can use this Coupon: STPAT20 
for additional savings on the Arnold Grummer Website Here


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