Picture Frames for Vintage Photos

One of my favorite things is vintage photos.  So when I came across two photos of my mother when she was a child I was head over heels and wanted to find the perfect way to display them.  This is what I did.

I started with two picture frame kits from Arnold Grummer.  These hold 3"x5" photos.

To cover the frames I used some hand made paper that I made with my medium pour mold.
I made the paper using tissue paper, rosebuds, silver dust, and blue angel wings.

The photo frame kit comes in 4 easy to assemble pieces.

To assemble the picture frame, first you glue the U shaped piece (this holds your photo) on to the backside of the front of your frame.

Then put your frame face down on your paper.  Adhere with glue.  A glue stick works great for this. Cut around the outside and cut out the center.

Then add your photo.

Then using a glue stick add the back to your frame and attatch the stand to the back.

 For this project I painted the back of one photo frame to match the paper on the front.  On the other I covered the back with a coordinating paper.

Here are my finished pieces.

Don't for get to check out Arnold Grummer's Blog for this and other exciting projects.


  1. Well don't these look awesome. With old pictures like that I would be afraid to put them in hand made frames. I think I would rather use metal picture frames to bring out the sepia colors in the photographs. Thanks for sharing your methods though!


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