Mixed Media Painting with Homemade Paper

I never thought I would say this and I was quite frankly a bit surprised when I said it to my husband.  I am absolutely in love with Arnold Grummer's Papermaking kit.  I have loved making paper for a long time.  It combines my love of recycling and my love of art.  Being able to do this with one product that you can use to virtually create what ever you want is absolutely heavenly.  Arnold Grummer's Papermaking pour mold makes the process so easy.  All that you need to have is a blender and some paper to recycle.  You can control the thickness of the paper which is, I think the most awesome thing.

The paper I used I made during my test run with the kit.  I was so excited to use it thI totally forget to take some pictures of the process.  I decided to use the paper that I made in my favorite way, in a mixed media painting.  I can not be any happier with the results.

To make the paper I used:
Recycled Paper
Copper Dust
Silver Sprinkles
Multicolored Angel Wings
Dried Statice in Purple
Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Papermill kit (medium sized)
The Heart Card Template

To make the painting I used:
8x10 Canvas Panel
Light Blue Craft Paint (2 different shades)
Gel Pens
Homemade Creative Paperclay Buttons
Heavy Gel Medium
Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer
Plastic Cording
Homemade Stamp
and (of course)
Paper made with my Arnold Grummer Papermaking kit.

Here is how I did it:


  1. Very nice Annie and great addition with the video tutorial!!

  2. fun project love how you used the heart template as a butterfly..


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