Arnold Grummer Projects - New Found Love!!

Hi everyone I wanted to share some projects I made with the Arnold Grummer paper making kit and notepad book.  I must say I had so so much fun making paper and the kit makes it so easy your 10 yr. old kid would have a ball.  This is a must have ladies and gents... Basically you follow the instructions per the kit and you get some amazing stuff!!

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Iron your handmade paper

 My finished paper
 I used the sticky notes book kit - too cute

 My finished book - I loved how it came out..

 With my leftover paper I made this beautiful card - and I still have more paper left to make something else.
I am in love with Arnold Grummer - they have cast molds, supplies etc... be sure to check back for more.  


  1. Stunning work! The paper kit looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  2. This paper is beautiful ---- great job!

  3. wow what a beautiful book monica, cant wait to see the all the products.

  4. Love this book! What a neat kit!!


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