Creating A Beautiful Vintage Card For All Occasions With Arnold Grummers Paper Making"

A Beautiful Vintage Card for all Occasions!

I am so thrilled to be a new member on the Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Design Team!! The awesome  supplies they have for beautiful handmade papers and projects is AMAZING!!! They also have kits to make your own paper and you will be thrilled with how simple it is but yet the final piece looks so elegant ! For this project I decided on creating a Vintage  All Occasion card and using a Vintage postcard from my collection.

 ~The supplies you will need is as follows~

8 1/2 by 11 " card stock paper
A selection of vintage style tissue paper
Assorted scrap book papers such as music sheets,ephemera, etc
Modge Podge
Botanicals from Arnold Grummer's website- I used "Angel Wings" in yellows,oranges and pinks.
Queen Annes Lace flower heads which I collect and dry myself
Glitter from Arnold Grummer's website and I used" Opal Sprinkles"
Small flat backed pearls used for decorating scrapbook pages

1) Begin by folding the card stock in half lengthwise
2) Place your Vintage postcard in the center and secure well with modge podge underneath and on top.
3) Start designing your card around the edges of the postcard with tissue paper and bits of scrapbook paper, making sure all is glued down  and sealed well with the modge podge.
4) After laying some  of the papers, start to incorporate the "Angel Wing" flowers and smoothing out the modge podge with a small paint brush over the flowers.

5) Next I glued the dried Queen Annes lace here and there to create some texture.
6) The glitter was applied right after gluing down the flower head in the center~( A little bit of sparkle is always great!!)
7) The last thing was to apply the pearls in the center of some of the Angel Wing flowers and then a final coat of modge podge!!

This was a very easy,fun and creative project and hope you all have a great time making your very own Vintage cards with Arnold Grummer's Paper Making supplies and kits! They are  even are offering a special discount code on their website now!!
~In Love & Light~
IndigoEarth & Wild Heart Art


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