From the Heart Card

Hello everyone! This folded heart card project is from my book Origami Card Craft and as an avid paper folder I had to see if the handmade pink paper I made using Arnold Grummer's Paper Mill Pro kit would fold and it certainly did! I was amazed that my large sheet of handmade pink paper actually withstood the repeated creases without cracking or tearing and now I am excited about making my own origami paper.

Here is how I made the project:
1 sheet 8 1/2" x 11" handmade paper. (It must be fairly thin and well pressed. See my last post on how to make the paper.)
Rubber stamps from Club Scrap
Glue Stick
Silver iron on studs
Stamp pads

1. Valley fold the left bottom edge of the paper to the right edge and crease. Unfold the paper.

2. Valley fold the right bottom edge of the paper to the left edge and crease. Unfold.

3. Turn the paper over and valley fold the paper at the intersection of creases.

4. Bring the folds together to collapse into a flat triangle with flaps on both the front and the back.

5. Valley fold the top edge to meet the raw edge of the triangle.

6. Valley fold the top-layer triangle flaps to meet at the bottom point.

7. Valley fold the right and left sides to meet at the center.

8. Mountain fold the top corners backward so the edges meet on the reverse side. Turn the model over.

9. Valley fold the bottom triangle as far as it will go and valley fold the remaining bottom points at an angle so their tips lie over the folded edge.

10. Tuck the tips into the "pockets" on both sides of the triangle to hold the heart together. Crease all the edges well.

Your heart is completely folded! Now carefully unfold the heart to decorate.

Insert a stamped phrase measuring 1 1/4" X 3 3/4" into the rectangular section. Use a glue stick to secure. Fold the heart back to it's original shape and decorate with stamped flowers and iron on studs.
I left the deckles on intentionally for this project which gives the edges a softer look.