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Hi everyone, I hope you are having a nice spring, summer is officially around the corner here in the States and what better way to begin your summer than by making a journal to record your garden plants or maybe some hiking trails you discovered? I began with  my Arnold Grummer Paper Mill Kit to make my paper with the left over napkin I had when I created my Wabi Sabi Bowl  back in March. The directions to making your own paper can be found here

First I liberally applied some Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste to the outside cover of my journal and lay my paper on top. I made to sure to coat the binding of the journal since that is where the paper will get the most stress from opening and closing it.

The sheet of paper was a little too long so I creased the edge where it overlapped by folding it and then tearing along that creased line. Handmade paper tears very easily giving you a wonderful natural deckled edge.

Next I took a leaf that I made from Terri Sproul's Leaf stamp and cut it out from a scrap piece of handmade paper. The one aspect of handmade paper that I love is how absorbent they are. I used 3 colors of Faber Castell Gelatos to rub into the leaf. I love how the creamy based pigment sticks just soak into the paper and blend together using my finger, without adding any extra water. I then coated the leaf with Earth Safe Finishes No VOC varnish.

To complete the journal I added some Wild Grapevine twigs around the edges and the sentiment. I love how the vines really play up the look of the handmade paper giving this journal a rustic feel.

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  1. wonderful texture on this card, thanks for sharing

  2. I love the idea behind this book. What a great way to use it and you did a wonderful job on the paper making.

  3. How pretty!! The paper is beautiful! I like how well the gelato took to the handmade paper.

  4. love you hand made paper tutorials.

  5. Looks amazing. Wonderful idea with the leaf...turned out great.

  6. soooo loving how organic this all looks and the paper is of course most awesome!

  7. Looks terrific and look at all of that fabulous texture on your leaf..

  8. very nice! I love the added branch/vine details


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