Creating Handmade Striped Paper

There are many ways that you can create a design in paper.  I have shown you how add a heart into the center of a newly made sheet in my Love Notes tutorial.  I shared how to create an open area for a design in my Say I Love You with Handmade Paper post.  Today I would like to share with you how to make a striped sheet of handmade paper and how easy it is to do.  This Zig Zag book is covered with a piece of striped paper to give it a splash of color. 

Create several colors of paper pulp to make the striped sheet and one addition sheet to cover the back of the book.  You can choose if you want it to be striped or a solid sheet.  
Now you will need something to make a barrier in the deckle of your Papermill Pro.  I taped 2 of the templates together to use.  I held the template as I ladled the first color of pulp into the first section.  

Then, I gently ladled some pulp onto the opposite side of the template.  Next, I lifted the template straight upward slowly making sure not to disturb the water and placed it behind the second color as shown in the picture.  You will get a little mixing of colors, but it creates a really awesome look. I gently poured the last color into the deckle. 
 This is what the paper looked like at this point while it was still in the tub of water.  Lift the deckle slowly from the water and finish off the sheet according to the basic papermaking instructions.

Now create the second piece of paper that you will need for the book. 
This book I created will hold a special memory for me with this flower.  This rose came from the bush that I have from my grandmother.  I decided to dry it using the Microfleur Press so that I could have one preserved as a special memory.  The fern on the front of the book was also dried using the press.
I hope I've inspired you to try a striped sheet of paper and to add some dried flowers to your next projects.  If you haven't tried your hand at either of these great ideas be sure to head over to the website and purchase your supplies today.  Use the coupon code HOTDIS to save 20% off your entire order through the end of June. 

Happy Papermaking Everyone!