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Hi everyone! I made another pressed flower card today using my Arnold Grummer Garden Press, now that summer is here and flowers are blooming I can see this hobby as addictive as paper making!

Speaking of flowers, I used Sea Lavender flowers in my paper as a surface embedment. You can go here to watch Arnold Grummer himself demonstrate this method in a video. I had to do a little research on what type of flower this was, lol It's called Statice Flowers, common names are Sea foam, sea lavender, limonium, latifolia, marsh rosemary. Grown for both its colorful flowers and its everlasting calyx (the green leaf that encloses the flower bud), statice is also considered an herb, referred to as “sea lavender.”Statice is commonly used in dried flower arrangements as well as fresh bouquets. 

The base of the paper comes from an old phone book directory that I tore up when I got my new one...who uses phone books anymore? Well, I do I guess, now that I am re-cycling paper! I like how the words peep through the paper a bit.

I also paper pieced a bee to add onto the front of the card. It's stamped 3 times, once onto the card itself ( so I don't have to worry about trying to fussy cut the antenna out ) then 2 more times on coordinating handmade paper and then reassemble back on top of the card. 

I did doodle on top of the dried flower, which I really enjoyed doing. I used my micron and Signo white pen to do that. 

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  1. Just beautiful, Sandee! :)

  2. Just beautiful, Sandee! :)

  3. really loving this card and the pressed flowers give awesome pops of color!!

  4. What a lovely little card! I love the flowers embedded in the paper.

  5. I have those flowers growing wild in my front garden they are all everywhere in the grass. I love them, they are so pretty and your use of them in your wonderful papers are awesome.

  6. I looked & looked at that paper asking myself "How did she get those words to show through?" Well now I know...haha Good job!!! Also love thy way the purple flowers poke outdid yourself but looks amazing!!
    Betty :)


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