Pressed Flowers for a Candle

Hi,  Ann (from here today to share with you my project for the Arnold Grummer Design Team and Blog.  I used the Arnold Grummer flower press to collect and press a variety of flowers growing in containers around my pool.  I love to make things and I love gardening too, so it is so much fun when I get to combine the two.  Here is the completed project:

I started with a plain candle that burns from the inside and a collection of pressed flowers I collected just two weeks earlier.  I was so pleased with how well pressed and preserved my flowers are.  The colours are so deep and vibrant.

By coating the candle with a thick layer of Deco-Page I used this as the base to grab a hold of the flowers.  I gently pressed each flower onto the candle.  I let that set for a few minutes and then I brushed on another layer of the sealer.  Once that layer was dry I applied a third and final coat of Deco-Page to make a tight seal.

The remaining flowers I am saving to use as inclusions in some handmade paper making project in the near future.

Candle (my stash)
Flowers (my garden)
Arnold Grummer Flower Press ** Discount June code:  HotDis **
Deco-Page sealer and glue from Deco-Arts (*thank you to Deco-Arts)

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