Say I Love You With Handmade Paper

Last month I wrote a post entitled, "Love Notes,"  on how to use a cookie cutter to create a solid heart in a piece of handmade paper.  Today I would like to show you another way to create a negative area in a sheet that can be used as a window in a card.  There is just something special about saying, "I love you" with a sheet of handmade paper.  
 Begin by making the paper pulp in a blender to create the sheet of paper.  If you'd like to have a colored sheet of paper add some of the Tissue Tints for color. 
 Place the cookie cutter inside the deckle, which is included with the Papermill Kit, making sure that it is positioned in the lower part of it so that you have a foldable sheet of paper when you are finished. 
 Now, carefully pour the pulp around the outside of the cookie cutter.  If you do have a little that gets inside of it simply lightly rub your finer over the area to roll the pulp up and remove it with your fingers.  Remove the deckle from the tub of water and place it on your work surface making sure not to disturb the screen or the cutter. 
 Remove the cookie cutter from the paper. 
Finish off the sheet according to the basic paper making instructions.  Add your favorite embellishments and create a card that sends your special message for today or any day. 

Handmade paper is a fun way to send a special message.  Use any shape of cookie cutter or form to create a different window size and look.  Have some fun today and make some handmade paper.  You will love it once you start! 

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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Happy Papermaking Everyone!


  1. love your open heart window card.. very delicate and pretty.. lace is an awesome touch


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