Love Me Tender..

Happy Wednesday good people!!  Seemed only appropriate to do something for Valentine's Day, which happens to be this Saturday.. ::insert sappy-like music here::  (chuckles) I am having a ball learning about creating my own papers.  This week I even added *inclusions* (that's when you add things to your pulp y'all)  I added some dried roses I had received from a friend, Tommy Jo, who is a fantastic artist and soap maker!! Let me show you the accordion book I made!

I have 2 different types of papers here.  The pink paper was from a previous batch of tissue papers, napkins and soda can boxes.  The green is my rose batch.  Here's a list of the supplies I used to create my project for today.. 

I first began with making a small batch or paper pulp. To me small batch is.. a handful of torn up papers to every 2-3 cups of water.  After the pulp was made I added some dried roses.  I learned quickly, I had added to much and no amount additional pulp in this batch was gonna fix having too much flowers in  it (laughs)!  If that was the look I was going for, I would have been fine, but I wasn't. (smile)  I wanted something softer.  

Below are the 2 different batches of rose papers made...  On the Left was a product of EXTRA dried roses and on the right was much less..

After the papers were made.  I cut them to size so they would exceed about an half inch border around my chip board covers.  I used my Helmar glue to adhere the papers to the chipboard  and inside accordion folded papers.  I also allowed some of the pulp to dry against a stencil, creating a texture of leaves.  had the stencil been thicker, my texture would have been more defined.  I took some perfect medium and lightly rubbed the textured paper.. and the edges of the book.  I then dusted the medium areas with Pearl Ex.  Gave a nice shimmer and added color to my rose paper.  I then embellished the book front with flowers and fibers. (smiles)

I hope you enjoyed my post today and don't forget to pick up this Complete Guide to Paper Casting.. even before you start creating  papers.  I can't wait for what's next.. Can you?  Thanks for taking time to come by and Happy Valentine's Day!!  :::inserting Elvis's Love Me Tender Music here::: 

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  1. This way beyond Gorgeous. Mis S Miko you just blow my mind with your talent. A great homemade bloggers love.
    Sharon estes

  2. How wonderful and a new use for that blender at the back of the cupboard. U so rock


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