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Hi everyone! I have a simple and easy way to use alcohol inks on your handmade paper to create a one of a kind background!

My paper that I started with was pretty cool with lots of lovely little specks of color in it by creating my paper with the Arnold Grummer Papermill kit. Then ( as accidents do happen ) I spilled some spray ink on my desk and I used my handmade paper to blot it up as I knew it would absorb it quickly. I liked how it looked and as soon as it dried out I went about adding some more fun to it.

I had a stencil that had some leftover alcohol ink on it so I spritzed it with 70% acholol, laid it over my handmade paper and used a brayer to make sure I had a nice even contact.

You can see how the alcohol inks really gave me a nice effect and totally lets the texture of the handmade paper shine through.

To finish up: all I did was stamp and die cut the cow from another scrap of handmade paper, color him in and embellish a little by drawing a flower with my marker ( which really was created to hide a glue spot...shhh...no one will ever know! ) And lastly I added the stamped sentiment onto a hand cut comic bubble.

So what mixed media techniques have your tried with handmade paper?


  1. I love everything about this paper.. and those images and sayings just make me giggle.. I think i need to buy it now.. LOLOL

  2. I LOVE the paper you started with and how even after you added inks, the speckles were stil evident. Cute, cute card!

  3. LOL I love it!!!!! that cow is adorable and your card is just yummy looking.

  4. LOL I love it!!!!! that cow is adorable and your card is just yummy looking.

  5. What a fun technique!
    Love and light,


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