Take Care of YOU Note Cards with Tamiko

I am really a fan of these tiny little delicate cards that you can make with templates found over at Arnold Grummer. You can find a lot of the available templates by clicking here!  You can use the templates while making fresh papers or you can use the templates as stencils and cut from handmade papers or papers of any kind.

With today's project, I made the small cards and envelopes using the Cards & Tags Templates attached to the Medium Dip Handmold. I used some old tissue papers I already had and ran them through the blender to create the paper slurry. After sandwiching my deckle, template and screen on my water basin, I poured the slurry into the deckle, shook it a little and lift it from the water basin.  Once the template was removed.  I took a sponge and screen and pressed access water from the new made page and envelope. Let it dry over night and decorated with small embellishment.  Today's embellishment happens to be a lil deli paper and a small stamp I love from Rubber Moon stamp company.  When I look at these cards they look for perfect to send to someone with some meditation chants, sort of reminding them to take time out for themselves.

If you need to see how you to use the templates with the deckle, please check out the video here.
Here they show you how to add the pulp to the template or a handmade template (made from an old food tray).

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Here is one more picture where I wrapped the bundle of cards in a belly band for gifting the whole set!


  1. What fun cards! Those templates are wonderful!!

  2. Very nice cards! Love the stamp and reminder to take time for ourselves. great idea.

  3. Very pretty cards. I watched the video and thought the idea of the "voids" was pretty cool.

  4. Beautiful little note cards, love the added beading detail too!

  5. Beautiful cards........love the use of the templates.
    Love and light,


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