Flower Making With Hand Made Paper

Hello, Donna here with a flower I would like to show you using hand made paper using Arnold Grummer paper making kit. Here is what you will need.

paper (junk mail or any paper you want to get rid of)
small stick (I just found one in the yard)
silk leaves  (or you can make your own)
Arnold Grummer paper making dip handmold

Make your paper according to the directions, you can find all kinds of videos on youtube by Arnold showing how to make paper. Cut out your flower petals and remember, nothing in nature is perfect so don't make them each the same. Then mold them into the shape you want them and add a layer of glue to help them hold their shape.

After you have all your petals formed, let them dry and then glue them together to form the flower.
I also added a bud and glued that to the end of the branch.

Glue your leaves onto the branch making sure they will show when you add the flower.
Once the flower is all dry, you can paint it any color you want your flower to be,  Let that dry and then glue that on top of the leaves. You now have a flower you can use on a coffee table, end table, book shelf or what ever you would like to do with it. Mine is big enough to use as a decoration on a shelf.

Have fun, and I would love to see what you can come up with using Arnold Grummer's supplies.  


  1. Such a beautiful flower! Looks so delicate!

  2. Oh I love this flower... How pretty!!

  3. OMG! Stunning flower.
    Love and light,


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