Mini Flower Pot

Hello everyone, I hope all enjoyed their weekend. I know I did because I had it off work :).

Today I am showing you a small flower pot I made and put a tiny off spring of a cactus I have that fell off into it. This will be perfect because you don't water cactus like you do normal plants.

I pressed paper pulp into a small pot I had and let it dry. I then coated the outside with a layer of glue to make it stronger. Then made a bow out of a paper strip and added a small gem to it then added cactus potting soil to it and planted my mini cactus. It is so cute and just the right size for propaganding an off shoot.

You will need:
paper, I used junk mail
small planter
strip of paper

Please check out the Arnold Grummer paper making store here for all your hand made paper products you need to get started making your own paper. Have fun!!


  1. I'll be interested to see how this holds up a year from now! Love the idea and it's real cute!

  2. So cute, but Im thinking could you use a plastic container for the mold (paper pulp pressed on outside?) then keep the container inside (cut down a little) for the water?... I love the idea of mini pots.

  3. Love this Donna! Would have never thought of a flower
    Love and light,

  4. this is sooo cute! can see myself making this to use with some succulents I would love to have!


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