Trying Out New Making Paper Ideas

Good morning everyone, Donna her today. Here it is July and I catch phenomena!! Been dealing with this for over a week now UGH!

Today, I am trying out new things to make with paper pulp and paper. I had purchased some new cookie cutters (no I don't bake) and wanted to see how they would work with paper pulp.

  Here is the butterfly one I purchased, I love butterflies and anything to do with them. I mashed my paper into a pulp. You can watch all about making paper here with Arnold Grummer. I then put it into the cutter and let it dry.
It turned out pretty good. Not sure how I am going to use it right now but am thinking about making a type of mobil with the different cookie cutters.

I then wanted to see what would happen if I just smashed a bunch of pulp on a sheet of aluminum foil and how it would turn out. I like it!!!! This is going on a canvas after I add colors to it.
I love the texture it made.

Just playing around and thinking up different ideas to make with paper pulp and handmade paper is fun all by itself. The things you can do with it are endless. If you have never tried making your own paper before, you really need to give it a try and check out all the other ideas the other ladies have come up with, they are beautiful.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Sorry to hear you have pneumonia, ( at first I thought you cause some phenomenal paper crafting disease, lol ) Hope you feel better soon.

  2. feel better.. love the cookie cutter and mobile idea :)

  3. Sorry you are sick! These are so cute! Love doing this!

  4. Fun project!
    Love and light,


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