Botanical gift card

Adding botanicals in the deckle and within the Cards and tags template can create a very special gift card, perfect for any special occasion. You can break them apart, but I loved the look of keeping one whole and making it the focal point.

Make your paper according to directions and add your pulp into the template. Before lifting your mold out of the water you will want to place your botanical in position. You need to get a few fibers over the botanical to tie it into place and you can use your finger to gently push it down into the pulp, then lift your mold out and couch like normal.

It is not recommended to dry your paper made with botanical with heat, the preferred method is drying under pressure. I love my paper press for this!

Keeping sets of these tags on hand are a great idea so you can be ready for any occasion with a handmade gift card.


  1. This is beautiful, love that flower.

  2. Love how you did this! Good idea to make some ahead!

  3. Beeeee YOU teaful!!!! Very organic!

    Love and light,


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