Pressing Flowers

If you were like me, you thought pressing flowers involved a large book, paper towels and weeks of time!

Not any more! What if I told you that flowers can be pressed in 30 seconds? Well, it is true! Let me introduce you to the Microfleur --
Microfleur MINI (5x5) Gift Set
With this press, flowers can go from your garden to cards and projects in seconds! All you need is this kit and a microwave!

Let me show you how!

I picked a large hydrangea bloom

I opened the press and carefully placed the small flowers on the linen surface. 

Add the top layers and use the clips to close the sandwich

I pressed these in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Carefully remove the flowers. They may be hot and are also fragile. It did not take long before I had a bowlful of flowers for my project!

I had an old frame which I had gotten at a thrift store and this was the perfect item to repurpose - a wonderful philosophy that Mr. Grummer loved. 

I covered the image with a tissue paper, sprayed the doily and began to add my flower petals to the heart. 

A ribbon and trim and I have a lovely present for my sister. She has a garden filled with the most beautiful hydrangeas!

The Mircrofleur (in store here ) made this project fun as well as quick and easy! 

Thank you for joining me and I hope you will visit the store where you will find all you need to make papers and for pressing flowers! Also be sure to visit us on Facebook for more inspiration and ideas! Don't forget to share your projects too! 


  1. I love the Microfleur, it's the best way to press flowers! Your re-purposed frame is beautiful!

  2. OMG Jean, that is just beautiful!!! I love how you presented it. I know what item I will be getting next time.

  3. This is just gorgeous, Jean. Your sister is going to love it! Drying flowers in less than a minute is amazing!

  4. Lovely way to use the pressed flowers.
    Love and light,


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